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To celebrate or not to celebrate Mother's Day-today's imperative question!

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
06/03/2016 17:43
Religion & Culture

I hear many of you wondering what is the answer to this question. In the UK Mother's Day has become a symbolic day to venerate mothers. People usually buy their mothers special presents, take them out for a meal, send them off to a hotel or spa for a break or simply give them a special treat. This day is exclusively dedicated to recognising their immense contribution and role in the lives of children, families and society. What would we have done without our mothers? In the words of my own children - "not existed"

I believe we don't do enough to venerate or appreciate our mothers. Our mothers carry us in their stomach through toil and trail for nine months and give birth to us experiencing indescribable and deadly pain. Many mothers have died while delivering their much anticipated newborn. They know the risk of pregnancy yet they make their body our vehicle for life. How can we ever pay back our mothers for even one contraction during delivery?

I remember when my wife was giving birth to our first child and I was witnessing it, seeing her agonise in pain made me feel inadequate and helpless. I wished I could do something to ease her pain but I couldn't do anything at all apart from stand next to her and try to console her with my words, warmth and love.

It made me feel extremely guilty of my behaviour for the times when I was rude, unappreciative and unkind to my mother. I realised how little I had done to earn her pleasure or as the blessed prophet advises us - to earn my paradise. Seeing your own child's birth and the labour pain of your wife forever etches in your heart and mind respect and honour for all women.

They breastfed us for a maximum of two and half years from the moment we were born. It may not appear a major challenge to men since we don't have breasts to feed children and can never experience what it really means. Just imagine another human being is often latching on to you for their food and survival. Imagine your body is being invaded 24 hours a day. Imagine every time your baby cried, no matter what time of the day or night, you had to attend to the baby's basic feeding needs. They fed us, put us to bed in dry, warm and fresh clothes all the time yet they barely slept, drank, ate, bathed, wore their preferred clothes or even rested. It was an all-invasive existence. How can we ever pay back the debt of care to our mothers?

Our mothers watch their physical body change, ravaged by the pregnancies, breastfeeding and lack of sleep or exercise. They live with the consequences and scars of childbirth and childcare. No one can ever change that, no one can ever repay them for it and no one can ever do enough to show their gratitude to their mothers.

As we grew up our mothers attended to all our needs. As babies the only language we had was cries and they understood our cries and attended them diligently. When we soiled our clothes and nappies or dirtied our face or hands, there was only one person in the whole wide world who would run to our rescue and it was our mothers. How can you ever pay her back for her tireless work?

Our mothers taught us the primary language we would speak for the rest of our life, basic life skills, survival skills, human relationship skills, reading, writing and numeracy, religious and moral values and leadership skills. They helped us with nurturing our basic intelligence as well as emotional intelligence. They taught us almost everything from how to tie our shoe laces to how to clean ourselves. How could we ever place a monetary value to what they have done to us and how could we ever pay them back?

If somebody said boo to us we ran to our mothers for protection. If we had a nightmare and woke up in the middle of night our mothers ran to us giving solace. If we fell down and scraped, cut or bruised our hands or legs, caught a cold or a major illness our mothers became our first-aider, paramedic, doctor and nurse all fused into one superwoman who stood by our bed day and night. How can we ever repay our mothers the debt of life?

As we grow older they attended to us everyday from the day we went to school, college and university to starting our first day at work. They stayed up with us while we revised for our exams, they waited with baited breath while we waited for our exam results and they went through the stress and strain with us while we looked for jobs. They stayed up with home cooked warm food waiting for us to return home after we had late nights with our friends. And even during our troublesome teenage years when we gave them hell with our words and attitudes they sobbed inside in pain but still stood by our sides. How can we ever repay our mothers for their unconditional love?

Even when we think we are grownup adults our mothers are always available to giving us cooking tips for our first cooking enterprise, love tips for our first partner choice in life and practical guide for our wedding day. Once we are married and settled and if our spouse was causing us heartache we turn to our mothers for confidential but vital advise of love and life. They are always available for us, how can we ever pay them back for their life coaching and counselling services?

The cycle of life is incomplete without us having children of our own. When we do have our own children our mothers still play their role by taking up treble roles - remain a mother, become a mother in law and take up grandmothers role. Such is the paradox of life that we leave our children at their care so that we can continue pursuing our life. How can anyone ever pay our mothers for their sacrifice for our life?

No wonder in Islam mothers rights are three times more than that of the father. God places mothers in a very esteem position in the Qutanic narrative of family. He also tells us how he chose his own name "Ar-Rahman" (the most merciful) and it has the same linguistic root, I.e "Raham" which means mothers womb. The truth of life and it's intricate physiological and emotional make up is generated inside the womb of our mothers. This will never change. The debt of this womb can never be repaid.

Ours mothers are our bearer and carer, the mentor and the leadership maker. So the question of to celebrate or not to celebrate Mother's Day is an illogical and irrelevant one. You should be celebrating your mother everyday.

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