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Shahbagi facebook page Projonmo Chottor caught for febricating news about chatri sangstha activists arrest

Written By: Chairman
22/03/2013 1:56 22/03/2013 1:49

Shahbagi facebook page named projonmo chottor is spreading bogus news about arrestiong of chatri sangstha activistshe  in Narayangonj  ..Projonmo chottor they edited the picture and gave caption in this headline 

prostitution in jamat leader house and 17 prostitute arrested ..

Let see the picture 


picture link ....


now we will see the real picture 



What is saying anti Jamat shibir TV channel Ekattor about this arresting news the clip ..


So it is proved now how so-called young genaration misleading us ..


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bangladesh ..projonmo chottor . shahbag 


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