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Adieu Mohammad Ali

Written By: Golam-Ali-Rubel
12/06/2016 15:09 04/06/2016 9:01

During my boyhood, one day I saw a newspaper article with the heading "Mohammad Ali".  Similarity of his name with mine allured me to go through the article.  I perused the whole article. The man was the greatest Boxer in the world. He is also one of the greatest sportsmen of last hundred years. He was strong not only in sports but also in his morality. The strength of his conscience created impediment to do any amoral act, this why he refused to join the Us Army during Vietnam war when it was obligatory. He knew that he would be punished for it, and he was punished accordingly.  He converted to Islam(Sunni) in 1975. Besides being a sportsman he was a good writer and wrote several best seller books. He had a clear stand against racism.  Mohammad Ali, "The greatest" player and my boyhood hero, is no more. May the Creator bestow on him His eternal peace.

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