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Who are this "Shahid Rumi Squad"?

Written By: Bengalist
29/03/2013 18:53 27/03/2013 17:19

Shahid Rumi Squad is a radical paramilitary group (although never taken arms so far) inspired by the death of Jahanara Imam’s Son (Rumi) in 1971, the group is one of the key organizers of Shahbag sit in protests. Yesterday (26th March), defying the activities declared by the Gonojagoron Mancho led by Imran H Sarkar, they started a so called "hunger strike".

To know about the characteristics and ideology  of  this Shahid Rumi Squad, it would be best to read their demands. Reading what they demand will suffice for all  freedom loving liberal people of the world to understand the fascist nature of this group. In 21st February 2013, Shahid Rumi Squad distributed thousands of copies of a leaflet in Shahbag. At the back of the leaflet there were 6 point demands:

“Our 6 point Demand”

  1. 1. All War Criminals including Kader Molla should be sentenced to death- the capital punishment
  2. 2. Law should be amended so that, alike the accused party, the prosecution should have the right to appeal for capital punishment, verdict should be given from appellate division within not more than 3 months and the general amnesty after the verdict [from president] have to be abolished for cases of this tribunal.
  3. 3. Jamaat Shibir and Islamic Politics has to be banned, Jamaat Shibir- who threatened of civil war should be given strong punishment for breaching against the state.
  4. 4. Those political parties, power-structures, individuals and institutions who are against the trial of the war criminals have to be brought under the law and should be prosecuted.
  5. 5. Those convicted war criminals, Razakar, Al Badar men who were given amnesty after 1975 have to be re-arrested and prosecuted.
  6. 6. Different business, social and cultural organization owned by War Criminals, all institutions including Islami Bank, Ibn Sina, Focus, Retina coaching center have to be confiscated, their source of financing have to be traced out and all media of them including Diganta Television, Nayadiganta Newspaper, Daily Amardesh, Daily Sangram and Sonarbagladesh blog have to be banned.

[Source: ]

Here are some points to ponder:

1- who killed Rumi? Is there any evidence as to the identification of the killer? how does his death relate to this? Was justice sought after 1971 and before 2013?
2- Which law expert knows about the legality of these demands? Are they just whims? Or is there any legal base to this? Modification of the law to a specific standard? Or to the whims?
3- organizations - how are they related? And destruction of organizations - can we find out the penalty for propagating such destructive demands? Under company/business law?

4- They are calling for persecution of individuals. Which aspect of international standard for human rights - does this breach?
5- If such demands are placed - can this group be termed into a group? Ultra fascist or something?
6- By calling for such calls - aren't they the ones calling for civil unrest /war?

Persecution without justice is a breach of international standard of human rights.its like " i believe u are culprit and u should be punished without any believe is enough".

The demands of Shahid Rumi Squad are enough to understand how fascist and authoritarian this organization is.

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