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''We love Saydee, we can sacrifice our life for Saydee'' ''O Hasina Govt, How many life u need? we all can sacrifice our life for Saydee''

Written By: Pandit
27/03/2013 20:09

Joypurhat is a quiet peaceful district. But on the 3rd of March, the main road was filled with thousands. Seeing the wave of people, Police and BGB fired indiscriminately. 6 were killed as a result. Even though the emotions were stalled by police fire that day, the villagers continue to protest the verdict and demand Sayedee’s release in daily protests, gathering by hundreds. 

6 people died from Nivrito village in Panchbibi in clashes with police over the verdict on Maulana Delwar Hossain Sayedee. Residents of the village view their demonstration as correct and they refuse to mourn the dead.


According to the villagers, they are not involved with any politics. They know Sayeede as a scholar of the Quran and listened to his inspiring lectures. That is the reason for their devotion to him. The people vow to continue their efforts until they die or Sayedee is released. They express their fearlessness against this oppressive regime and are willing to die for Sayedee. These are some of the comments recorded from the people of Panchbibi.

The reporters were invited to the home of Majedul, a simple villager who had no part in politics. His daughter was to be married but instead he left this world. His daughter is not crushed by his death. Her demand is still strong for the release of Sayedee. His whole family demonstrated in the Panchbibi sadar on March 3.

It wasn’t an organised demonstration by any political party that day. “The village people were extremely aggrieved by the verdict on Sayedee and their emotions led them on a march to Panchbibi sadar. The Police thought Jamaat was coming to attack. This is the truth. That’s when they fired from the police station.” said the chairman of Panchbibi Sadar upazila.

The villagers refuse to accept that Sayedee was a war criminal. Therefore, the people of Nivrito village are demonstrating in their hundreds everyday and continuing to let the government know their stand on this issue.


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