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British Citizen was Tortured Top to Bottom

Written By: ShimulBosh
31/03/2013 3:17
Law and Order

British citizen Islamic personality Maulana Sheikh Noor E Alom Hamidi was arrested by Bangladesh Police. Noor is Bangladeshi origin. Police tortured him in so called remand section in DB. It is said his top to bottom is seriously injured by police torturing. He got sick but he didn’t have any medical treatment in jail. He has been seen by the doctor of Dhaka Medical College Hospital who prescribed him medicines, but required medicines was not issued for him.

Earlier in 22 Feb, police handed Noor and his other four fellows to the Shahbagi violating police laws and orders. British govt. and other sources insisted police to release him. After long 25 days of torture he got released from jail but his health is not sound. He is admitted in local hospital in Sylhet, his home district.

Moulana Noor is from Baruna, Hamidnagar of Moulivibazar, and Bangladesh. His father is also an Islamic preacher. He is the President of nonpolitical organization Anjumane Hefazat E Islam and is the principle of Baruna Madrasa. Completing his master’s degree in Islamic Studies, Noor went to London. He directed health center, school, ambulance service, sanitation programs, drug rehabs and many other social services there in London. He approved grant of some crores of taka for the poor people who are affected by natural calamities.

Noor has wife and five children. They all live in London. His children studied in residential school in London. He lost his job there for the incident held in Bangladesh. He wanted to join his job on 5th march, but he could not go there for accusation in court. His family and future become uncertain.

He came from London to attend an international summit February. He came to capital Dhaka to guide the foreign delegates to airport. But this fascist govt. arrested him without any valid reasons. He said delegates from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India came to attend that summit.

He said he shop from New market and said his Jummah at Kataban mosque. Police fired bullets and tear shells into the mosque during prayer. He came out from the mosque to protect him from tear gas. But some guy catch hold him and tore his shirts and pagri. Then police arrested him and force walk to Shahbag. He told police that he is a British citizen. But without giving any damn police handed him over to Shahbagi saying he is a member of jamat. Police brought Noor’s car to Shahbag and the atheist there crashed the car. Then he was transferred to Shahbag police station. In the station Noor claimed for water but police said there is nothing for jamat mebers, How brutal is this ????

Police beat him and his nephew whole night. In the next morning Noor lost his sense and he was admitted into Dhaka Medical. But the doctors didn’t treat well. Later he was sent to court and two days remand was approved. He said in police station police tortured his whole body from top to bottom. Police claimed themselves as the tigers of Goplaganj and close relatives to Sheikh Hasina.

Noor complained about the Hindu doctor who treated him in Jail Hospital. That doctor was out of his mind and behaved rough. Noor said Hindu people was sheltered in their home in 1971. His father went to see him in jail but it was bad luck for Noor. He didn’t have the food supplied by his family in jail. He started preaching Islam in the Jail but he was forbidden to do that saying it is jamati style. He said a pharmacist threatened his life pushing injection.

Chief whip for parliament Abdush Shohid was the main guest in the summit arranged in Baruna, Sylhet. Noor’s father asked whip to give a good notes about Noor in court, but he denied. He lied about Noor saying he has connection with terror groups.

In court police accused him for being member of different terror group of Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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