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HEFAJOT E ISLAM:A friend of Non-Muslims

Written By: Deen
17/04/2013 2:33 17/04/2013 1:30
Contemporary Debate

The Title of this topic should have been HEFAJOT E ISLAM : A SAVIOR OF RELIGION. It's not been given the opportunity for the fact that it could have had taken by the readers as an article for the Muslims without going through it. Where as my intention is to write something for my Non-Muslim friends.

From the name of the movement (HEFAJOT E ISLAM) it's easily comprehensible that it's purpose is to defend ISLAM from the abusive exercise of some groups or individuals by the name of so called freedom of speech. HEFAJOT E ISLAM have gained the recognition of staging a gathering of one of the biggest movements by far in the history of Bangladesh. They have successfully organaised the gathering despite all sorts of disapproval from the government. By the direct assistance and co-operatin of Bangladesh govt. a so called cultural group called for strike during the night time to prevent people coming from different parts of the country to attend the gathering. Bangladesh have never experienced such strike starting from the beginning of the night before. This government have set such an infamous example by allowing them (and govt. it self) to do so that can't be forgotten by the nation. 

As I said, it's easily understandable that the movement is to protect ISLAM from it's enemies. My fear is: Followers of other religions may find the rise of this movement hostile. 

Hear the HEFAJOT E ISLAM authority should make some of it's points clear to the nation;specially to the Non-Muslim Bangladeshis. HEFAJOT should explain why shouldn't the Non-Muslims worry about any of the consequences of the fulfillments of the movements' demands. HEFAJOT E ISLAM activists/leaders are seen on the TV Channels participating TALK SHOWS. They can use those platforms to clarify many un asked questions of the Non-Muslims. HEFAJOT can play a very vital role to eradicate the un-intentional and un-just conceptions of the Non-Muslims about the MUSLIMS.

HEFAJOT E ISLAM are fighting for the rights of practicing religion independently without any interruption. IT has no antipathy toward other religions. As we can see Bangladesh is in verge of CIVIL WAR because of some ATHEISTS' cyber activities. Bangladesh govt. have failled to handle this burning issue. We, different religious people, have had a reputation of co-existing for hundreds of years with out any collision. But this current govt. are not leaving a single stone unturned to destroy the harmony. Bangladesh as a State are completely failled to ensure it's citizens' basic rights. Almost everything are being politicised by this regime. 

We Muslims believe (MUST)in religious freedom. One can not be harassed only because his different religious identity. You believe what you believe. You can't make mockery of others' belief. 

To secure other religions peace and harmony the followers of those religions should support HEFAJOT E ISLAM's demands. By giving MORAL SUPPORTS other religions can send a message to the ATHEISTS that in Bangladesh YOU will never be welcome. 

Finally, Bangladesh is a land of around 90/92 percent Muslims; yet we had to be in a war like situations to gain our rights. If the victims were only 8/10 percents what would happen?

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