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The prosecutor himself is confused to prove allegations against the accused jamat leader Kamaruzzaman!

Written By: hifzur
21/04/2013 1:28

Last year on June 4, assistant secretary general of Bangladesh Jamat-e-Islami Mr Kamaruzzaman was accused at the International Crimes Tribunal-2 for committing seven types of crimes such as genocide, torture, crimes against humanity etc.

After almost 10 months of the trial began, the prosecutor AKM Saiful Islam himself is confused now about the allegations against Mr Kamaruzzaman on the basis of the testimony of the witnesses. At the time of the presentation of the arguments at the three-member tribunal headed by Justice Obaidul Hasan, the prosecutor accused one of the witnesses as ‘biased’ against the jamat leader.

The prosecutor was reading the witnesses’ declarations to prove ''so called'' seventh complaints against Mr. Kamaruzzaman during the testimony of three witnesses at the tribunal. The date and the time at their description of the witnesses and the events do not match with each other and the witnesses did not see him personally on the events. So the tribunal could not rely these witnesses. Then the prosecutor brought another witness to the trial. But the tribunal asked the prosecutor about his defense to prove the allegations based on the testimony of just one witness! But the prosecutor could not reply to the judges.

One member of tribunal’s judge panel, Justice Mujibur Rahman Miah was a bit annoyed at the time, said, ''you could replied before if these were known to you, mr prosecutor!''

At the time, the other judge Shahinur Islam asked the same question again and the prosecutor Saiful Islam replied, '' I am confused, My Lord!''. Then the judge assured the prosecutor not to be confused. The judge himself (Shahinur Islam) said,'' you would say, according to settle juries prudence, the testimony of one witness is credible to prove the accused leader ''

Sitting in the back, other prosecutors of the state were saying the same thing. And the prosecutor Saiful Islam was saying '' Yes, Yes, My Lord!''

Then the Chairman of the Tribunal, Justice Obaidul Hasan told the prosecutors '' no senior lawyers of the accused leader is present at the tribunal at this moment. Only a junior lawyer is taking notes. We're indicating your mistakes so that they can make better arguments.''

Wednesday was the third day in the arguments presented at the tribunal. The tribunal postponed the trial until on Sunday, March 31, 2013 at the request of the accused leader. The three-day’s arguments on witnesses were testifying against complaints on the basis of evidences and documents. Chief Prosecutor Golam Arif Tipu and prosecutors AKM Saiful Islam, and Nurjahana Mukta were presenting their arguments. They will present their legal arguments on next Sunday again. (continued)

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