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Written By: MuniraMaheen
06/05/2013 17:06 05/05/2013 23:40
Bangladesh in Intl. Media

CBC radio (am 990) telecasted a program  on Savar Tragedy. It was a live phone show. Most of the callers and guests blamed BD govt, bad policy and corruption. They said it was so unfortunate more than 600 people are dead. One of the guests clearly said within May 15, they (Owner of garments) have to sign to ensure workers safety. Otherwise they will stop importing. However, one lady she said if you stop importing from Bangladesh it would be a cruel decision for poor people. She requested not throwing the poor people.

One caller from Punjab, India he said there is no possibility to change this situation. Because this terrible situation is repeating again and again. He indicates firing on tajrin garments. However, the last caller Mr. Monirul Islam said logically. He said Bangladesh is the second largest country in world after China for garments sector. He also said about 80% workers are women and mostly are coming from rural areas. Their labor is very cheap only $37/month. He said its true Bangladesh is full of corruption. Democracy is not practising right now. The ruling party didn't care about workers right.  But still now there is hope. Because the Canadian govt and USA govt compels Bangladeshi govt to ensure the safety code of the building and ensure workers right.

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