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Did Hefazat Burnt Quran?

Written By: Bengalist
06/05/2013 16:22

by Shah Abdul Hannan


The secular TV channels , some ministers and secular press are relentlessly propagating that Hefazate Islam workers burnt shops in Baitul Mukarram area and created mayhem. It has become easy for them now because two independent TV channels have been closed in the morning of monday(3am).

This is just a propaganda.The Hefazat workers were busy in saving them from police attack on their processions.It is the rowdy or goonda elements who, taking advantage of police action, tried to burn and loot the shops.Alims are not supposed to do that.Eye witness told me that.

To understand what happened it is enough to know that in Paltan area and Shapla Chattar dozens of Hefazat workers and their common supporters have been killed.

This propaganda is to divert attention from brutal assault of thousands of police BGB etc on sleeping unarmed hundreds of thousands of protesters of Hefazate Islam in Shapla Chattar(squire) in which , may be hundreds lost life and thousands wounded.

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Hefazat Burnt Quran 


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