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Pope Francis on Women & Feminism

Written By: ZaraFaris
24/05/2013 18:28
Religion & Culture

On women: “In the theologically grounded tradition the priesthood passes through man. The woman has another function in Christianity, reflected in the figure of Mary. It is the figure that embraces society, the figure that contains it, the mother of the community. The woman has the gift of maternity, of tenderness; if all these riches are not integrated, a religious community not only transforms into a chauvinist society, but also into one that is austere, hard and hardly sacred. The fact that a woman cannot exercise the priesthood does not make her less than the male.”

On feminism: “Feminism, as a unique philosophy, does not do any favors to those that it claims to represent, for it puts women on the level of a vindictive battle, and a woman is much more than that. The feminist campaign of the ’20s achieved what they wanted and it is over, but a constant feminist philosophy does not give women the dignity that they deserve. As a caricature, I would say that it runs the risk of becoming chauvinism with skirts.”

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Pope Francis Feminism 


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    Zara Faris is a graduate in Arabic & Islamic Studies from SOAS University (School of Oriental and African Studies). She has lived for a year in Egypt studying the Arabic language. She is now a Researcher and Speaker for the Muslim Debate Initiative (MDI). She is of Kurdish/Pakistani origin.

    She has delivered lectures at Sussex, Brighton, Lincoln and Kent Universities, on the subjects of women’s rights in Islam, the role of women in Islam, the concept of hijab, and the four greatest women of Islam. She has also publicly debated, ‘Do Women Need Feminism?’ with Green Party Leader, Natalie Bennett.

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