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The cure for our social disease

Written By: Mozafor
12/06/2013 17:04
Religion & Culture

The Sufis say that the cure for all social disease is love, but I say the cure is not only in  ‘love’, for, we may have love for our parents, but we do not always follow them; we can never leave our human propensity for greed, lust, desire, envy, pride: it is innate and always will be with us. The Prophet (SM) said in a beautiful Hadith narrated by Anas Bin Malik (RA), “If Adams son had a valley full of gold; he would like to have two valleys, for nothing fills his mouth except dust (until he visits the grave).”  So, what we can do for those tendencies is to restrain them, and that is only possible if we can accept slavery to one who created us. For a slave has many tendencies; but he restrains them and follows his master’s orders.


The purpose of life is to be a slave of Allah and worship him. Allah says,” I did not create Jinn and man, but to worship me.” The word to note here is “ABD,” he further said, “He created death and life to test which of you are best in deeds.” Therefore, with slavery action becomes very important, for he is not an ordinary master: He will reward us immensely, as he said, “Most certainly Allah has bought the wealth and life of believers for Jannah.”  Once a person surrenders completely to Allah’s will, his inner disease or propensities will be restrained easily. In today’s world, out of many things, people want power; when they get power, guess what? They want absolute power, because they forget who they belong to, so Allah makes them forget themselves. When he forgets whose slave he is, inevitably this leads an erroneous view of his life in this world, and as a result, he becomes a slave of other tendency’s, and starts worshiping them.


I have a few things to say about Sufi Ibn Arabi. He asserted that everything which exists is Allah and Allah is everything (Wahdatul Wajud). Yet, such belief is classified by mainstream Muslims as pantheism and, as such, KUFR. The prophet (SM) vividly warned Muslims to beware of such deviations as had befallen other nation before them.  To clarify this point he recited the following verse of the Quran:  “This is my path leading strait, so follow it. And do not follow the other paths, or else you will be separated from his (Allah’s Path).” When you love everything and you see Allah in everything, the door to nature worshipping becomes open. When a slave girl was asked by Prophet (SM) where Allah was, she replied, “He is in the Sky.”  Allah has knowledge over everything, and he is not everything, but his seat is above the seven heavens in the ARSH. Sufi Ibn Arabi was a philosopher and as such some of his writing had deep meaning, but others can lead to KUFR.


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