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OH NO! Hasinas’ niece Tulip marries a Brit!

Written By: Mozafor
21/06/2013 0:29 20/06/2013 12:53
Contemporary Debate

Hasinas’ niece Tulip marries a Brit, son married to a Christian, and Dr Kamal Hussain offspring married to a Jew. I wonder what’s gona happen to those prospective BD brides and groom. And what happens if there is a divorce settlement, do we have to give up a big chunk of BD? Perhaps DR Kamal Hussain can answer to that legal question. And here’s the more serious point: Sheikh Hasina said, “My son married an Ahle Kitab, it’s allowed in Islam”. So, Madam Prime Minister, if a Muslim woman marries an Ahle Kitab, as did your niece Tulip, is it allowed in Islam? Em- Perhaps madam Prime Ministers Mufiti Shen Gupta can answer to that. Besides, I doubt whether Tulip will make a good wife, as I heard Tulips are flimsy. No offence, only a joke!

Yesterday, madam Prime Minister clarified her statement to the lawmakers saying they all misunderstood her speech about caretaker government. What she said was not as reported but she thought if caretaker government were to be reinstated again, they (member of caretaker government) would never leave power. What! Does she think we are babies? “Eat those greens or “পাগল আসবে” that’s what every mum says to their child when they are not eating. Madam Prime Minister, the opposition are not children that you can fool them with fear of another Moin U Ahmed. Your time for deception is over. Now, only thing for you to do is to surrender power to a non-partisan government. You very well know your grass roots activists are not happy with your anti-Islam policy and myriads of corruptions, we had a taste of that today in a Dhaka Awamileague meeting with ward leaders and activists. There was a lot of hue and cry when the despised Minister, Kamrul Islam stood to give speech. Wrong policy Madam, cant get you nowhere other than your grave.

Madam Prime Minister, you should have seen yesterday heated dialogue between your public prosecutor and the judges in the Jamat leader Kader Mullah’s appeal tribunal ; what a mess you made by passing through a law for government appeal against tribunal sentence. Emotion and hormone syndrome can bring disaster for judiciary. Your hand picked judges can’t lie any more, they too have a little bit of conscious left, you know? They put question to Mahbub Alam “suppose we give death sentence to Kader Mullah, where is his appeal rights, Mr Prosecutor?” of course, Mr Public Prosecutor had no answer.

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