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Amardesh Online exposes fake rescue Drama of Reshma in Rana Plaza collapse. (সখী তুমি কার?)

Written By: Mozafor
23/06/2013 13:13

Sheikh Hasina offered Reshma American dream in return for her silence. Daily Manab Zamin Editor In Chief says, “ we cant report the truth nor reality, we are told not to report anything about Reshma, she is now escorted to her house in tight security on Pajero Jeep, why is the need for this ? We are not able to report anything.” 

In a an advocacy meeting arrange by Human rights organization ODHIKAR titled “‘Press freedom’ he further said, “I have been running talk show for the last 8 years, I don’t say any word, but had to sit there like a dumb speechless person; if any one says a lie,I cant even protest, because if I do, I would be taken as opponent.” He says, “I myself don’t fear to go to Jail, but I fear for my colleague, so I had to compromise. This has leaded us to be cornered to the back of the wall.” He also said, “I can’t be as brave as Mahmudur Rahman.”

As responsible citizens, we need to expose this fake Awami government who has not only deceived the nation with their lies but also shamed the country world wide. This news was widely reported to divert attention from international media focusing on number of people killed in Rana Plaza building collapse; now it is on the limelight again, thanks to Amardesh brave and investigative journalism. Today this report has exposed that our Army was also part of this filthy drama. She, Sheikh Hasina, the master liar has turned our Arm forces to her slave. Shame on the leadership of the army that they are tolerating her lies, and shamelessly doing her bidding. Are there no brave men in the army who can say to her,” enough is enough, now you leave power?”  Since there is a media black out in Bangladesh about Reshmas’ fake drama, this news should be viral in face book and twitter and other blogs so that Awamileagues habit of lying can reach everyone nationally and internationally. Read the full report in Amardesh

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