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Bangladesh cries out in silence for justice

Written By: Mozafor
25/06/2013 22:56 25/06/2013 22:52
Human rights

National human rights commission is inimical to safeguarding human rights in Bangladesh.Although Bangladesh was created because of human rights violation by the Pakistani invaders, human rights in Bangladesh are almost non existence in today’s Sheikh Hasina’s regime. Brutal suppression, abduction and killings are a daily occurrence by the very people who suppose to safeguard the values of human dignity and life. The country cries in silence for justice while no one listens to its call. How long people can suffer, it was not meant to be like this; our vision was for a fair society, equal rights, to live in peace and dignity while moving the country forward to a prosperous golden Bengal. Some times we wonder what is the point of being independent if we can’t even protest against the government without having being killed or getting arrested. Silence is not an option that we should take; 150 million people are waiting to be freed, it is a duty upon those who have voice, those who have an ability to enforce a change must speak up and act before the country spiral in to even darker pit of oppression and tyranny from where we may not be able to return.

Sultan Mohammad Monsur has shown how you can be an Awamileaguer, but at the same time can speak out against injustice and acknowledges the truth. He said in a recent talk show “people who are around Sheikh Hasina, whether in the cabinet or serving as advisors are not real Awamileaguer but hybrid coming from the left or elsewhere.” He blamed Sheikh Hasina for the caretaker government fiasco, as he thought most of the people gave opinion for keeping the caretaker provision when a committee was formed to survey views under Suronjit Shen and Shajeda Chowdhury. But he said, when the recommendation came to Sheikh Hasina, she rejected outright. He implied that sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia were a by chance leader. If Sheikh Mujib hadn’t been killed, there was no chance of Sheikh Hasina coming to power.

 We must move away from flattery or the belief that some one is untouchable: Sheikh Hasina has no exclusive right to power or favour as daughter of Sheikh Mujib. We thank Sheikh Mujib for his leadership during the independence struggle, but we can not support his policy or policy of his daughter if it is unjust and wrong and against the aspiration of people.

The country's "Rapid Action Battalion" was formed to stop crime in the country, but it is now being used to silence the opposition and has been implicated in hundreds of cases of torture and extrajudicial executions. This has lead to a broken policing system in the country, where the police act as vigilantes instead of law enforcers. Some times infighting takes place between rival groups within the ruling party where bystanders gets killed as was seen in the  recent infighting between Chatro league and jubo league activists in Chittagong over a railway development tender: The police merely acts as onlookers, helpless to intervene, as often government ministers are involved in such tenders. When leaders take the role of criminals, the whole country’s moral and ethical responsibility breaks down, because a person sees leaders as their role models.

The controversy regarding war crime tribunal is one that has divided the Nation in the middle. Abominably biased tribunal has been formed where prosecution and tribunal liaise with each other as if in a hunting expedition to kill and devour regardless. In spite of much revelation of miscarriage of justice and scandals, the ICT remains without blame or need to reform. All sentences are handed over not on merit but in a pre-arranged decision by the government. People’s last resort for remedy is the judiciary, yet it is so much politicised that one can not expect justice from the judiciary. From top to bottom it is completely at the dictate of the government. We have reason to believe that the next election will be massively wriggled if it is not held under a caretaker government. It is a duty and an imperative on every conscious citizen of Bangladesh to work together in a united campaign to reverse the dire situation that we are in at the hand of a few twisted policy makers of this government.



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