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The way forward for the 18 party alliances

Written By: Mozafor
28/07/2013 17:55
Burning Issue

Political analysis and counter analysis, what ever rocket science is done, one thing for sure, the opposition has to stick together to get rid of this government. Whether through ballot or by agitation, unity of purpose must be one, and that this government must go. Bangladesh Jamati Islam focus should now be on removal of this government rather than saving those accused of war crime. Awamileague are not doing trial for war crimes, they know very well that these people did not order anyone to be killed, but because of their political support for Pakistani regime at the time of independent, and because they see them as a threat for their long term goal of consolidating power in a Baksal set up, they have framed them and concocted evidence against them so that their wishful thinking will be fulfilled. As for Delwar Hussain Sayeedi, he has become a victim of situation, he was not even a member of Jamati Islam in 1971, nor did he killed anybody but because of his influential position within the party and within a wider public audience, he is framed for crimes that Delwar Sikdar had committed during the war. The clock has ticked too far to reverse anything now, only way salvaging something would be too ensure this discriminatory, divisive, and spiteful secular government leaves power. And to that end, BNP needs the help of Jamat and Hifazot as much as Jamat and Hifazot need BNP.

Some people and political commentator are too quick to opine that Jamat as a political force is finished. They conclude this from war crime tribunal judgment that implicated Jamati Islam as a party in war crimes. Though the judgment is biased, flawed and a travesty of justice, nevertheless Awamileague may use this judgment to ban Jamat. But even if they do follow this course and ban Jamat, their predicament will not end there, but a new dawn will begin for Jamati Islami under a different name which could become a more stronger force than one it is now. In reality, Islamic movement is never finished, and it never dies with the death of their leaders.

The opposition should not be worried about local conspiracy of Awamileague, all eyes and ears should be directed towards international conspiracy. Recent closed door meeting with DR Yunus by the USA state department has given rise to much possibility. We do not know the nature of this meeting. It is not unusual for such an international figure to have meeting with other government official, but at this critical time of Bangladesh politics, one can not dispel the possibility of some planning by the USA to secure their interest. America has a long term goal in Bangladesh and to that end it is heavily involved in various ways, sometimes looking the other way, and allowing human rights abuses. Mozinas biggest concern is Hifazot and Jamat; they see them as impediment to achieving their goal. The more secular a country is the better for USA companies to exploit its people and wealth. Bangladesh is a strategically important country for America as a potential business hub and as a military post to counter the Chinese threat. So an America friendly government is a priority for them. If Jamat and Hifazot can put to rest of United States concern, they might find them less enthusiastic to support Awamileague government to power. It is a good strategy by BNP to court DR Yunus, a figure like him, having wide experience in economy and international connection will be very useful for securing Bangladesh interest in the international arena.

Bangladesh Jamati Islam interest lies in seeing this government off and a Jamat friendly government in power. This will serve two purposes: one would see their supporters in Jailed unchained, lifting of all the politically motivated false cases filed against them, and possible reprieve for their leaders from unjust prosecution. The other would be a sigh of relief for our nation as a whole from the corruption, nepotism and oppression of the Awami government. The leadership of Bangladesh Jamati Islam should use all the means available at their disposal, both nationally and internationally to publicise, teach and make aware of Awami Government endless corruption, abduction, murder, and judicial injustice that they have inflicted upon the people of Bangladesh. And that this government will be a menace to safeguarding Islamic values, human rights, good governance, and political and social harmony in the country. I heard Mr Joy is recruiting an American Harvard professor for their election campaign; let him waste his money, for we have both digital and rural professors locally to plan and implement effective election campaign. We have seen how this has exceptionally worked in the city elections. The most important priority is to ensure a free, and fare election under a non-partisan neutral election time government, Otherwise, Mr Joy could be laughing all the way to the sit of power again.



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