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Can ‘Bangla’ be fully introduced in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh?

Written By: NazirAhmed
27/08/2013 23:33
Law and Order

Many people demand that ‘Bangla’ be fully introduced in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. ‘Bangla’ is our mother tongue and state language of Bangladesh. We are the only nation in the earth who sacrificed lives for the restoration of our mother tongue.

When the month of February comes, we become emotional and there is, no doubt, logic for being so. But when people demand the introduction of ‘Bangla’ full in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, they genuinely need to consider the wider importance and international implication.

When late Dr M Zahir, an eminent jurist and country’s leading company law expert, visited London last year, I discussed and drew many issues to his kind attention. One of them was the possibility of introducing ‘Bangla’ at the Supreme Court. He straightway replied “Nazir, look, three things you cannot do in Bangla: Namaj cannot be done in Bangla, Company law cannot be done in Bangla and Supreme Court proceedings cannot done in Bangla.”

There is a strong logic for this assertion. One of those is perhaps: Supreme Court judgement of a country is often referred to throughout the world. For example, House of Lords’ judgments and the judgments of the Indian Supreme Court are frequently referred to the proceedings and hearings of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.

Likewise, in order for the judgments of our apex court to be referred to the proceedings of the apex court abroad, the judgments would have to be of that standard. Thus, if judgement is written in Bangla, can it have international force and be referred abroad?

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