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"Dream with me, my friend!"- meanwhile in Egypt

Written By: Carriganore
03/09/2013 4:04 03/09/2013 1:41


Dream with me... Of a tomorrow that will come soon....
And if it doesn't come to us, we'll bring it ourselves.

We'll try, we'll start the road
The many footprints will lead us to our dream.

No matter how many times we stumble & fall, we can rise again.
We'll pierce the clouds of gloom & defy them.

We'll find our night transformed into a thousand bright days 
If we only dare to dream.

Dream with me, my friend! 
Our steps together will shorten the distance we travel.

My innocent pure dream matters to me 
No matter what it may be. 

Its spirit will remain close to us, 
No matter how long our journey becomes.

Should we even lose our way, my friend  
Our encounter will bring us back, closer together than ever.

True to our dream... 

All we have to do is dream

#R4BIA #Egypt #Freedom #Democracy

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