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Are you Shia or Sunni?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
15/09/2013 21:34
Religion & Culture

Today at the Harrow mosque there was an event to discuss Shia and Sunni unity. I was a speaker along with several other scholars addressing this basic yet historic issue. 

People ask me if I am a Shia or a Sunni Muslim. I hate to answer this question just as I hate to answer the question about which sect or school of thought I follow. My answer is always simple – I am a Muslim. Anyone who believes in One God with no partners and believes that Muhammad is the final messenger of God is a Muslim, and part of this Ummah. Avoid doubting other people’s faith. 

I do not follow a sect, I do not follow a school of thought and I certainly do not support elevating another human being to a position of extra ordinary veneration. I do not blindly follow anyone either. God has given me a brain and the capacity to determine right from wrong. I will be held accountable only for my deeds. That is the reason I hate the question of sectarian identity! 

No human being is beyond reproach but while I learn from the mistakes of people I do not have the right to banish anyone to hell or reward anyone the heavens. This is God’s role and I must never play God. I should know that it is by God’s mercy that I may entre paradise. I should take the goodness from everyone and leave the bad. Ultimately I am accountable to God. 

Sectarianism is the hallmark of the ignorant. They feed their ego and ignorance by concocting lies and fabricating the truth. Differences of opinion are the sign of diversity and embracing each other despite our differences is a clear signal of maturity and wisdom. If God wanted us all the same He would have made us that way. Plurality in creations is the biggest miracle of God and we must embrace it. 

It is God’s immeasurable Grace that we are different even though we all come from the same origin. Our basic human nature is the same but our perceptions and consequential actions are different. I may differ with you but does that mean I cannot be your brother or sister? Why do I need to be Shia or Sunni, isn’t the name Muslim enough for you? 

It’s enough for God! 

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