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Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
25/09/2013 0:20

The brutal massacre of the innocent shoppers in Kenya and the blood bath in Nigeria bring to light the urgent need for the Muslim theologians, leaders and masses to rise against the extremists who have highjacked and maligned Islam. They have destroyed the peaceful and deeply spiritual identity of Muslims. They are evil and terrorist and their ways are totally in contradiction to the letter and the spirit of Islam. We must show a ZERO tolerance attitude towards all terrorists. 

There is a direct link between terrorism and lack of freedom coupled with ever diminishing prospect of democratic reform in the Muslim world. Unfortunately twisted and sick minded people use these grievances to justify slaughter of innocent people and indiscriminate attacks on the masses. They are wrong and they are cold blooded murderers.

The urgent need for the Muslim countries to be free from dictatorships and illegitimate rulers cannot be emphasised enough. The Western countries should end their support of the brutal regimes in the Muslim world. They should terminate business contracts and end supply of money, arms and weapons. They will fall sooner if the USA, UK, France, China and Russia stopped abusing their positions of power and ended aiding and abeting dictators. 

It pains me to see the death and destruction caused by the extremists all over the world but only the enlightened, free and democratic Muslim nations can seriously destroy these extremists and terrorists. Islam is a good news for the world but for the Muslims to flurish and contribute towards the well being of all people they need to be left alone to determine their own future first. They need true liberation.

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Keneya Massacre Freedom for Muslim Extremism in the name of Islam 


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