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What and who do you worship?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
12/10/2013 22:30
Religion & Culture

In life some people choose to worship money, fame, power, sex, drugs or celebrities. What and who do you worship? 

Imagine you worship money. In other words you desire money, you love money, you spend time reflecting about money, you relish the prospect of making more money, you enjoy the feel of money, you get a buzz out of the freedom and flexibility money gives you and you feel good when you can spend your money on things that are important to you. 

What is the logical progression of such devotion to money? Naturally you would do everything to make more money and safeguard the money that you have. You would look for opportunities to maximize your monetary return. You would invest in lucrative ventures. You would look out for outmaneuvering your competitors. You would plan to outsmart all people in the market. After all, you have chosen to worship money! 

There is big a difference between making money ethically and worshiping money. While making money through hard work is appreciated, worshiping money is morally catastrophic, collectively disasterous and individually destructive. What happens to people who worship money? They become self-centered and driven by only their personal interest. Greed and unchecked ambitions blind their social judgment and the consequence is proliferation of selfishness. A few people become ultra rich while the remaining society is lured towards the allusive success without real success. 

The social consequence is dire with money delusion widespread. A culture of money and greed is actively promoted and imposed on the less fortunate. Happiness and prosperity is linked to the material excess and ostentatiousness. Those people who worship money would do anything to make more money. They would resort to callus risk taking, irresponsible ventures and even gambling. 

It turns a person into inward facing, dispassionate and extremely venal individual. Such people do not trust even their own sibling, parents, children or even the spouse. They do not sleep well staying up worrying about how they would safeguard their fortune, hide it from the rest of the world and increase it exponentially. Unfortunately this is the ultimate consequence of worshiping money. 

Those who worship money plan to stash their cash in unknown places and off shore accounts. They hope to incubate their money by hording it. They persist on working day and night for their next big pay cheque. They dream of owning the world! The truth is they own little in reality and when they die they take nothing with them. They rot away decomposed physically and degenerated spiritually. What good was their devotion to money? What avail awaits them for the life beyond? What was the point of worshiping money?

In my view, you worship money at your extreme peril! 

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