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2013 Bangladesh war of Independence from Indian hegemony

Written By: Mozafor
09/11/2013 16:48

The people of Bangladesh are clearly fighting another war to save our country from new hegemonic power India. Many have dubbed it as, 2013 Bangladesh war of independence from Indian hegemony and political bullying. India has openly displayed its intention to decide political and economic future of Bangladesh through their puppet Hasina. Some power hungry politicians of Awamileague are playing the role of traitor Mir Jafaor to hand over Bangladesh freedom to India. We can not allow this to happen. I can see there is a clear difference of opinion with the USA regarding Indian’s game play in Bangladesh, and we need to be active in making awareness of the danger of Indian’s rise in south East Asia as a political Hitler.

Politics of mind is as important as politics of direct action. Majority media are Awamileagues supported and most probably their editors and proprietors have received huge sums of money from Indian agents to act for them. Today’s arrest of Barrister Moudud, Rafique and MK Anwar of BNP is an attempt to manage them, extract information or threaten them with consequences, though I think Mr Modud has been  already compromised, but just to make it unsuspecting, DB police have arrested him with the other two. If Begum Zia remains firm, no conspiracy to divide and rule will work. Indian and their stooge Hasina are desperately trying to divide the 18 party alliances. Recent visit to Singapore, and direct talk with Mahi B chowdhury was part of that plan. But I believe there are patriotic leaders within JP who are vehemently opposing this conspiracy. People are aware how India is trying to devour Bangladesh of its freedom to choose its leaders, no amount of trickery and conspiracy will work to suppress the aspiration of the people of Bangladesh to live with dignity, honour and freedom to decide its future.

International community who believes in democracy, justice and rule of law must not allow a big country like India destroy peace and democracy in Bangladesh by nakedly and openly declaring its intention to undemocratically bring their puppet Hasina in to power by conducting one-sided election without the opposition. India brags that they are the biggest democracy, yet they flout democratic norms with their small neighbour.

BNP must not listen to anyone who are not interested on fair play or democratic practices based on what is just and fair in the eyes of majority of the people of Bangladesh. The opposition can not accept anything imposed on them that goes against the aspiration of the people, and that is to have a level playing field under a non partisan election time government. The EU can not guarantee Sheikh Hasina’s vote rigging, nor could they compensate for all the oppression, killings and corruption that took place under this government. The only way to remedy this is to change the government by ballot, and this would be only possible if it is conducted under a neutral government. Unless our demand is met, the opposition should continue with their agitation of Hartal, siege, non cooperation, and blockade. BNP and her allies must not commit suicide by accepting anything less than a non partisan neutral government.

In a recent article in Indian time by two wishful journalists who wrote titled ‘Bangladesh in a violent face and India must do all it can to see a friendly regime return to power’

Begum Zia reacted having listened from a senior diplomat who read to her, she commented, “The author of the report Subir made the most vital mistake in his analysis, according to Subir , both India and America are pertinent in the game viz- a- viz Bangladesh, but he left out the people of Bangladesh.  In 1971, people of Bangladesh were fighting for freedom; India joined in as allies at the request of the people, but now if India stands against the people aspirations to save their stooge Awamileague, their fate will be the same as the fate of Pakistan Army in Bangladesh.”  And Begum Zia is absolutely right, Indian tyranny will not succeed in Bangladesh.

Today Awamileague government has arrested 3 most senior opposition leaders without any provocation. Apparently we are hearing more arrest, and even arrest of the opposition leader Begum Zia. If that happens, an indefinite Hartal, siege, and blockade has been announced by the opposition. What Hasina’s government is doing at the dictate of India is sheer criminality, unpatriotic, and endangering the lives of the people. When the government applies Animal rules then the opposition will have no option but fight back with equal means, and this will lead to more bloodshed and damage our economy. Awamileague is fighting against the people of Bangladesh, but it is the opposition who is fighting to save the country from handful of power hungry undemocratic awami politician and Indians hegemony. Now people are realizing why the coup in 1975 took place. The young Bangladeshi must realised Sheikh Hasina is doing the same thing as her father. She and her ministers are acting like mad men, every day dancing over people’s dead body that come to protest and are killed by her thugs. This killing can not go on, it is the prime minister and her party leaders that are responsible for killings, and they must be held accountable. No solution will be found as long as this government refuses to accept people’s legitimate demand for a free, fair, and credible election under a non partisan neutral government. The provision of caretaker government was in the constitution, but sheikh Hasina changed it to rig the election, she has politicised every civil institution with her party men that no fair election will be possible under her planned script.

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