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Lessons of innocence

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
25/11/2013 21:12
Religion & Culture

I usually spend Tuesdays teaching our children, 5 and 7 years old, a boy and girl. I love watching our children taking on challenges and intellectually daring our adult minds. Their challenges are pure and our responses are prejudicial. They say what is true and we react to protect our ego. During todays lessons our seven years old daughter posed some seriously challenging questions for me: 

1. We were studying Zakat, the fourth pillar of Islam. I started explaining the meaning and purpose of Zakat. She looked at me with her typical quizzical face that usually means, Daddy, there is huge gap in your logic and I am going to show it to you. 

So she asked, “Why are the poor people poor, if God is all powerful and kind, just like He has given lots of money to the rich people, He could have done the same thing to the poor?

I stumbled in my stride and paused to gather my thoughts. I have to give her a reasonable answer and one that makes sense to her. I can tell you, it was not easy! I had to dig deep inside my own soul and shake my own faith to formulate an answer suitable and convincing to an innocent mind. 

2. At lunchtime Noora’s little brother had some food left on his plate and I usually remind him that he should not leave food for the devil. She jumped to her feet instantly and said, “If the left over food on our plate was really eaten by the devil why do we not see the food flying around and vanishing? We have been trying to starve this devil all these years but it has not worked! What’s the point daddy? Does devil really exist? 

This challenge was so daring to my intellect and literally so logical that I was completely thrown off my track and had to back paddle fast to a comfortable point, intellectually I mean, and begin to explain the real reason behind Islam’s approach to not wasting food or not eating too much! She still had the final word, “daddy, I have seen too Muslims eating too much food!”

The five years son wasn’t going let an opportunity to score a point slip by so easily, especially not when his extraordinary sister is around, so he said, “they are going to get fat and good Muslims don’t do that!”

Silence descended in the room! What could I have said?

3. They were playing in the front room when our son said something wild and audacious. I said, “Ibrahim’s imagination has gone wild”. No sooner had I finished my sentence I heard our daughter quickly retorting back “Let his imagination run wild, it’s only in his mind daddy, why limit it? It is part of our mind, you can not change it?”

That was the final challenge for the day and I was ready to accept defeat. She was absolutely right, “let his imagination run wild”. This was the statement of a seven year old. Her mind is innocent, pure and uncorrupted by the clutter and whispers of adulthood. She was right that in a safe environment children should be allowed to feel free and enjoy the blessings of what God has given them, most important gift of all gifts – their dynamic mind and its amazing mechanics that helps them to think and reflect. It helps them to make sense of the world. It is through reflection that we discover God and it is through making sense of the world that we eventually become its true khalifa (vicegerent). 

I learnt more from my two children today than by readings many books!

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