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Written By: NazirAhmed
25/11/2013 21:16

Hussain Muhammed Ershad is the most unpredictable character and personality in the politics of Bangladesh. He changes his position not day by day but more than once even in a day! Some of his harsh critics often say that he is a political prostitute in Bangladesh. An eminent analyst Mr Asafuddoula said in a recent tall show in the ETV “world does not believe Ershad. Why should I believe him?” His immoral character in terms of his illegal relationship with many women while in power is well known in Bangladesh. He is the only senior most corrupted politician of the country whose conviction on corruption (Janata Tower Case) was upheld and confirmed by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, the highest court of the land.

The irony is that a person of this nature and character has ruled our country for nearly a decade. In relation to participating election under the current government, Ershad most recently said “I will not participate in the election if all parties do not participate. I do not want to die at this age being a beimaan.”

Today he has decided that his party will participate in the election and will join in the so called all parties government, despite the fact that the main opposition party and its 18-party alliance declined to participate in the election under the government headed by Sheikh Hasina. This reminds us the declaration of honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 1986 when she said “Those who will go in election under Ershad will be national beimaan.” Within hours of such declaration she made a u-turn and decided to go in election under Ershad.” It is as if “history repeats itself” “repaying debt or expressing gratitude by doing the same thing.”

Renowned freedom fighter Kader Siddiqui said in a recent huge public meeting “playing game excessively is not good.” Echoing Kader Siddiqui I would say that excess of anything is bad. If one feels that he is too clever for pushing someone into trap, that cleaver felt person is more likely to fall into his own trap. History tells us this. Hard time may probably be coming for Ershad when he will have no sympathy from anywhere.

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