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The Mischief of Prothom Alo

Written By: Bengalist
10/12/2013 19:10
BD War crime trial

Lets see the vile of Prothom Alo again. The "V" sign that Abdul Qader Mollah's wife is showing is taken at 8:30pm while she was visiting her husband for the last time. Hithertho Abdul Qader Mollah is facing gallows tonight.

Vile of Prothom Alo

But they uploaded this photo at 11 pm to show that, as if his wife is showing this V sign after the chamber judges stay! They  reported in such a way so as to make people confused about the timing of the photo and no mentioning of whether the photo was taken before or after the verdict.

Infact they want to ignite their beloved Shahbag again by stating see "His wife is showing V now". This kind of journalism is the main determining factor of the prevailing anarchy in Bangladesh. Let others know about it.

The fact is Prothom Alo and its evil masterminds does not have the guts to let its readers know that this woman was actually showing this V sign even when she knew that her husband was going into gallows! That is the spirit of Islamic Movement!


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