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Rejectionist mantra is tearing the Muslim community apart

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
08/02/2014 13:41
Contemporary Debate

A few days ago I had the following twitter exchange with someone I don’t even know but I would not name the person here for obvious reasons. I have copied and pasted the entire conversation below: 

“Person: Ajmal Masroor, Do you oppose the implementation of the Shariah in the UK? 

Person: Ajmal Masroor spouts out Kufr (disbelief), opposes the Shariah & does his best to please the disbelievers (kuffar), who are his friends. 

Me: Do you understand what is Shar'iah? It is easy to scream Shar'iah & highjack the term but a deeper understanding is missing.

Person: and answer the question?

Me: I would be happy to answer the question but tell me who are you and do you have the capacity to understand my response?

Person: It seems like you lack the capacity to respond to a basic question… Too busy being a hypocrite 

Me: You have just shown your true colour, even the Prophet (S) never called anyone a hypocrite but you feel no shame in doing so!

Person: Would you prefer Murtad!!! (Apostate)
I think that may be more suited

Me: Name-calling isn't clever! Allah is the judge & not you! In the mean time I would say "peace" & leave you to your way.

Person: I'm not name calling, I'm judging your apparent reality as determined by your actions...”

Sadly the above conversation is not a rare occurrence in the current British Muslim discourse. There are too many people too eager to call other people they do not like or disagree with terrible and deriding names. They are very willing to cast doubt on their Iman (faith) and even question their Muslimness. They are quick to call people a disbeliever (kafir), hypocrites (munafiq) and apostates (murtad). They even spread aspersions; lies and gossips to character assassinate people. 

The problem is those who have this terrible habit are either deliberately provoking contempt or sowing the seeds of discontent or totally ignorant about the teachings of their faith. The consequence of their action is the same – their actions are leaving behind a trail of destruction, physically dividing the community, making individuals extremely volatile, emotionally disturbed and suspicious. They pry on vulnerable young people and brainwash them into people with paranoid and delusional psychopathic behaviour problems. They live in a constant fear of being caught and they resort to creating a web of lies and deceit. Even their names are no longer their original names. 

Those who are engaged in these kinds of activities may be very small in number but they are loud, extremely vocal and often hide behind a mask of either anonymous Internet ID or a nickname. It is difficult to identify them or challenge them, and in case of one or two who show their faces, the rude, obnoxious and aggressive attitude they display sends shock waves and fear through the hearts of ordinary public. No body dares challenge them. If they are challenged they resort to verbal abuse and name calling without shame. 

These people have no manners and they have no respect for others. In fact they do not even respect themselves. They think they are the only ones who know anything about Islam and everyone else who disagree with them are hypocrites or apostates. They even issue death threats to people! There is no logical end to this despicable game of rejection; there are no winners in this, only trails of destruction!

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