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Encountering Ex-Muslims

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
15/03/2014 22:22
Religion & Culture

I met someone very interesting recently. He considers himself to be an ex-Muslim. I find his choice of label very odd. I was curious to know that if he has left Islam why he was so intent on calling himself an ex-Muslim? You are either a Muslim or you are not, the term ex-Muslim is extremely loaded and provocative. May be that was the intention behind adopting such a title! I reassured him that I was not being provoked at all! 

I spoke to him at length and I was curious to know why he chose to leave Islam. In the course of our discussion what became very clearly very quickly was that he was carrying a lot of anger and resentment towards some Muslims. He was blaming the religion for the miserable experiences he had encountered with some Muslims including his own family.

He was angry with his fathers for leaving the family to fend for themselves. His mother struggled to make ends meet. His father was busy preaching Islam to the world while neglecting his own wife and children. He was angry with God for allowing his family to suffer so much while the father was busy on God’s way. 

He was angry with the Imam who would beat him regularly while teaching him Islam and the Quran. He didn’t understand why God would need violence to be meted out in His name! He was angry with God for allowing such Imams to teach Quran on His behalf. After such experience why would anyone want to have a relationship with God or the Quran? I felt sad and ashamed that some Imams would bring Islam to such disrepute. 

He was always told that he would burn in hell if he didn’t pray regularly. He remembered asking his parents why God needed so much of his prayers but his parents were unable to answer his basic question adequately. He would get told off for asking unconventional questions. He was angry with God for being extremely regimental and irrational. Why would God punish him for not knowing answers to some basic questions? Why would God want his blind prayers? 

I didn’t blame him for his decision to leave Islam or remain so resentful towards it. I blamed the father for not safeguarding his own family first before preaching to the world. I blamed the society for turning a blind eye to abusive environments especially physical abuse from teachers of religion. He was young and vulnerable but someone who is supposed to be the teacher of Islam behaved in the most despicable manner. I wanted that Imam to be caught and locked up. I didn’t blame him for leaving Islam.

I feel sad that many people claim to be God’s ambassadors yet their behaviour demonstrates little Godliness. These charlatans not only give bad name to the religion but they are also the cause of many people leaving Islam. I told him that if anyone has truly experienced and tasted the sweetness of Islam, it is impossible for them to leave it. How could you leave a lifestyle that is totally in sync with your natural and human disposition? Denying Islam is tantamount to denying your own existence. 

I told him that he should explore Islam genuinely and from a fresh perspective. I was confident that he would love it. I believe once you have understood Islam objectively and embraced the faith freely; it will be impossible for you to abandon it. Islam is a lifestyle based on nurturing your inner conscience and manifesting this goodness in the outer. It is about being decent and fair with everyone. It is about clutter free and conscientious state of being. 

I feel sorry for those who have been forced by circumstances to dislike Islam. I feel sad for those who judge Islam based on their experience with some so-called Muslims. I feel angry with myself for not being able to do much to avert this from happening. I blamed the Muslim society, its leadership and its institutions for failing to provide a fresher and contemporaneous narrative which in inclusive and contextual. 

I left his company and wished him well. I shook his hand and looked deep into his eyes. I could see he was still determined to call himself an ex-Muslim and there was nothing I could do about that. My departing words to him were: “try Islam for yourself, do not judge Islam by the behavior of some Muslims but judge the Muslims by the teachings of Islam.” 

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