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Written By: NazirAhmed
20/04/2014 22:47
Law and Order

One injustice creates many or multiple injustices. It is said “killing an innocent person means as if killing the entire humanity.” Miscarriages of justice have happened throughout the world in the past, even in the developed country like the United Kingdom [for example, Birmingham 6, Tottenham 3 and Guildford 4]. 

In those and other similar cases, miscarriages of justice were unearthed not immediately following conviction or sentence, but after many years, often after decades! Concrete proof of false identity and the modern technology has, greatly, contributed in unearthing those miscarriages of justice. Because the convicts, albeit by miscarriage, were given long imprisonment and life imprisonment as opposed to the death penalty, they were, after miscarriage of justices were unearthed, released and appropriate compensation were given. But if they were hanged, what would have happened? 

In a volatile, politicised [of all sectors including the judiciary], divisive [along political line] and hostile [for vengeance and retaliation] country like Bangladesh, injustice can easily be inflicted. If someone is hanged through miscarriage of justice, can he be brought back from the grave when miscarriage of justice is brought to light with concrete evidence? 

This underlines the need and necessity of the utmost fairness and transparency in the entire judicial process which is vested to impose the death penalty, the highest punishment in this earth, so that no one can ever raise any objection in any way whatsoever. Justice should not only be done it must manifestly be seen to have done.

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