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Between secular and faithfulness: where is the end of Spiritual yo-yo!

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
20/04/2014 22:55
Religion & Culture

I had a phone call from someone very distressed. A friend of this person had suddenly died. The deceased is a Muslim man and was living in a gay civil partnership with a non-Muslim man. The partner wanted to have a secular burial service but the family of the deceased wanted some sort of an Islamic funeral. The family is staunchly secular, don't even believe in God but they wanted an Islamic burial for their son. In fact they said that they would like an Imam to be present during the secular burial to read a little prayer for their son. 

I have been thinking about this case ever since the phone conversation. I have seen many Muslim families living in a similar state of confusion when it comes to their religion. They have a nominal association with Islam often by name or family. They resort to Imam (cleric), God and religion when there is a death, marriage or birth in their families. They live in a state of belief and disbelief or a fusion of the two. Their soul is at constant battle between their natural disposition that recalls God and their assumed disposition, which wishes to rejects God. 

This state of spiritual yo-yo and psychological torment cannot be good for anyone. It leaves the soul in despair and discontent. It leaves the heart in a state of perpetual emotional upheaval. You are neither being secular nor happy being a believer. I am afraid prolonged state of spiritual limbo could result in mental problems. It is inevitable that you will have a huge vacuum in your inner being when you swing between belief and disbelief. 

The mind likes to play tricks on people. It likes to make humans feel more grandeur than they really are. It likes to feed the ego that gives a false sense of power, pride and arrogance. Whereas the truth is, we are the weakest link in the entire universes living creatures. All it needs is for our brains to malfunction. We are then instantly reduced to a vegetative state, unable to make any sense. 

Tell me something, why run away from God when we, the human beings are unable to alter anything of what may happen in the next second? Why run away from God when we cannot harm God or benefit him even if we were gather all our military and intellectual powers. But for God everything is a simple command “Be” and the simple outcome is “it is”. 

Here is a challenge for those who wish to be disloyal to God:

1. If you wish to deny God, then delay your death by a second. You will ever be able to delay your death by even fraction of a second. You will never ben able change where you are destined to die or exactly when you will die. Why bother denying God?

2. If you wish to deny God, eat food that does not come from Him. You will not be able find any food that does not originate from God. Even your Genetically Modified (GM) crops are rooted in the original DNA of God’s creation. 

3. If you wish to deny God, find a piece of land or a planet that does belong to God. There isn’t a single space in this universe or beyond that does not belong to God. In fact try to recreate one single square inch of a habitable space independent of this world. You simply cannot do it. So why deny God?

4. If you wish to deny God, find a place where you can hide from the reach of God. You will never be able find one whether it is the bottom of the deep ocean or the centre of the Earth. You can take your space shuttles to the moon, mars or other planets. God’s grasp will find you anywhere so why try to run away from or deny God?

5. If you wish to deny God, on the day of Judgment rebel against God. Dissent against his judgment. Do not conform to the day of Accountability. Fight back the angels when they usher you to the place of your recompense. In fact why don’t you try to set up a parallel court to put God on trial? You will never be able to do that because on that day you will be totally powerless. You will have no authority, no excuses and nowhere to hide. So why bother denying God? 

Occasional spiritual limbo is a reality that many of us would face in our life but staying in it permanently is a sign of ineptitude, laziness and negligence. All objective minds will find God; all open hearts will feel God and all seeking souls will unite with God. 

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