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To My Non Muslim Friends

Written By: Deen
10/03/2013 4:09

I know I have to start from some where in the blog. That's why I don't care about what one thinks of my article's grammatical correctness. I studied in bangla medium school in Bangladesh (Some other day I will try to write something on MEDIUMS). I know English is such an important language to send your messages across the world. And I don't know english that's why I can't reach to other language speakers CAN'T BE AN EXCUSE. We all should try to do our level best .......

Let's jump on to the topic.

I, as a practising muslim, would like to tell something here to my friends who are not muslims. Well, I feel a responsibility here to make somthing clear to all non-muslims, specially Bangladeshi non-muslims.

Current Bangladesh affairs have made me or encouraged me to write on this.

Now we all know that minority community in bangladesh are not safe from Muslim people. As we have been telling by the media (Bangladeshi print and electronic media mostly). Here, I would urge my friends to act according to their heads, not just react foolishly. In Bangladesh we people have been living together for thousands of years. How many times you have experienced a muslim killed someone only because the victim's identity is different? Why don't you take a muslim as a human being? By nature man makes mistakes. A religion practising man can never be harmful to other people, no matter what religion he follows. We can not blame the whole community for one or two persons MISCREANCE. I am not admitting that some where in bangladesh some muslim people have destroyed any minorities' properties or interfaring in someones rights. I like to request those people who are suffering from the TRAUMA caused by OUR POLITICIANS. A muslim is not a muslim if his neighbours are not safe from his words or actions. Trust me, most of the politicians are the roots of all the chaos in Bangladesh today. Some people are being used as scape-goats. It's heard that temples are destroyed by Jamat e islami thugs. Do you believe that? I don't; because I also heard that Jamat e Islami are destroying the sculpters ........... and what we saw later?

The guy who did that was a govt. activist. He was taken to the police station for that. And ofcourse he was released........ I don't think you'd believe any reason I gave you for his release. Had he not been identified what would happen? Who would be responsible for that?  I know and you know....

I believe, like millions of muslim people in Bangladesh and around the glove many Hindu, Budhist,Christian people also want to see Maolana Delwar Hossain Sayeedi free. Non-muslim people want to see him free because they feel there was no justice in the tribunal. Millions of people on the streets today only to show their disgusts to the government's unjustifiable activities. Religion has little to do in many cases. It's time for you to realise who are the beneficieries of the RELIGION CARD. 

I know I can give you numerous examples for not to entrap yourselves; but it's up to you whether you will THINK or not.

A bad man is a  bad man. He is not a Hindu/Muslim. I would ask you to approach some muslim leaders if you feel offended by any muslims. Don't even think of going to politicians. They know how to make things worse. And Bangladesh is a country of Muslim/Hindu/Budhist/Christian and many other small groups of people. It's your country, it's my country, it's our country. It's our duty and responsibility to take it forward by our KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM. No time to rely on others' speech. Believe in yourself and you can reach your destinaton AS LONG AS YOUR INTENTION IS GOOD.

(N.B. An unfinished pragraph)


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