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World Cup 2014 : Believed

Written By: Topu
11/06/2014 11:24

On the other day, I went to office on Rickshaw (Three wheelers manual vehicles which is paddled by man) before the day of beginning of WC Football 2014. The rickshaw puller was very much cognizant about this WC. He told me that, the name of the country Argentina is known by the name of Maradona (World football legend who clinch the WC title on 1986 where he made a goal which is very much known as a Goals of GOD). He also told me about Brazilian famous footballer Kaka who certainly miss the WC due to poor form. According to rickshaw puller, Kaka has a woe that only yellow card has showed for me in the match and refery only brings the yellow card for him.  I just pick up his speech and told that Brazil has a much better player than Kaka that’s why he is ruled out the team. Now he come to Messy‘s play. That old complain is raise again about Messy that he is not proper Argentine but other players. He played much better for club team. I am surprised that human being (I means only Bangladeshi) who lived in and pass their daily life in torment though he /she will search for some  entertainment and hope what will gives him/her a little bit tenderness and  happiness .


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