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Open secret!!! My first time Confession!!

Written By: kazimf
22/08/2014 4:29

Devil and dare exam!!!

In spite of soon coming my first semester BBA (honors) exam on 24 august, until now I cannot realize what is exam as well as why I will taken the exam?

On account of that there are no sign of student into me/mamun, still, the people think I am student, even my parents, relatives and friends so.

The people think about me, I am so-called great politician which their known by read my blog as well as column. Some people seems think about me, I am established person.

This is no matter.


In fact, I am not good student and I wasn’t good student, but, how to I was taken chance on BBA, I know nothing. Seems were it is accidentally!!!!???

Actually I think, BBA is too good subject where maximum students couldn’t take the chance. BBA is toooo valuable subject for the whole world!!!!


But, why the confession I have been sharing??

There was no relation with my curriculum books even my reading room, but everyday I have gone to the college and I successfully realize lecture of my beloved teachers.

But I didn’t care their any suggestion about the life niche. I never try to known what is the life? Sometimes they tip how to become a good student, but I didn’t care!!!

My problem here, I don’t know what is my future?

Sometime I think my future too bright, again sometimes I think my future is too dark.

What is can be true between the bright and dark?



I am not good student also secret thing I was not good student, still the people think about me I am good student. This is very embarrassed situation for me. I always think I am very fool and aimless student.

Whatever, often the people invited to me for teach their beloved childe, I was ignoring the invitation. Actually, I haven’t habit to teach the privately.

Dear reader, this is not jokes, its true, which I every facing!

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