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A group of teenage girls at a marriage ceremony

Written By: mehedi-hassan
29/08/2014 19:11
Arts and Literature

Mehedi Hassan


One day, almost five years ago, I joined at a marriage ceremony of my college friend as a groom passenger. Some way on the bus and some way by foot along the narrow earthen road through field, at last we reached the bride’s house. No one confirmed us, but by watching an adorned gate in front of the house we identified it. Upon a big table by the gate there were betel leaves on colorful plates, packets of cigarettes and glasses full of sherbet. And for the young boys, particularly for the friends of the groom great attraction was a group of teenage girls wearing sari who were standing by the table in a row.

I was walking to the bride’s house with some of the groom’s friends who are also my friends. Having reached very near the house, just as we saw the teenage girls, the friends who walking with me vanished. Being alone, I started to walk along a road beside the house to a grocery shop not very far. Having reached at the shop I began puffing cigarettes sitting upon a bench. After puffing two cigarettes, I saw one of my friends rushing towards me. As soon as reached he told me, “What you are you doing here, you blockhead? I have searched you inside out of the house.” Then, she started telling about how he had enjoyed himself with the girls. He even didn’t forget to tell the every detail of the girl’s various organs. However, after his story, in order to fill our belly we entered into the house.

A great tent had been fixed to feed the most of the groom passengers under it and there was also a small decorated place like a small hut for the groom and his friends. Well, I wanted to eat sitting with most of the groom passengers, but my friend didn’t admit that. While I was walking to the tent, he grasped me. I didn’t like jolting at presence of the strangers in another man’s house. He was so headstrong to let me join with others. So that, under compulsion, I went to the groom’s place. Though the men of the house started feeding most of the groom passengers, but here, the group of teenage girls came with the most delicious food holding with their delicate hand. Meanwhile, my body started preparing itself to take the food.


Who had imagined that such kind of trouble would be present! The teenage girls now would get the groom’s hand washed, it's okay, and I had no problem with it. The trouble began after getting the groom’s hand washed. Now, the teenage girls would get the hands of groom’s friend washed. Hearing that I got dizzy. Getting the hands washed from a friend who was very near to the groom, then it started moving to me. Every friend of the groom got very pleased in the incident. On the contrary, my heartbeat started growing fast. I hadn’t got any chance ever in the whole of my life in a secluded place to touch the hand of my lovers, any girls whom I had been fallen in love with, girl-cousins, and classmates. Now- coming here not getting married, but only as a groom's friend- I would have to touch the hands of girls whom I didn’t know yet, even hadn’t seen them before in front of many strangers! As soon as the matter struck in my brain, getting feared my whole body shivered inside out. And being aware of the power of the marriage system which the friends of the groom could share, I amazed. However, the incident seemed to me to be insulting for the girls and for me it was very much uneasy, shameful and unbearable. If I try I can restrain my most of the feelings, but it is beyond my power to suppress the feelings of shame. What I would do now! It was a great trouble for me. I saw the girls coming towards me and there was no hope to escape!  

However, the girls having sat facing me asked to get my hand out of my pocket. And I naturally denied to do that. If the girls went left one friend’s hand unwashed, the guardian would rebuke them. The cloud of fear started gathering over their delicate face. Nevertheless, I was disagreeable. Just as I started arguing over the matter, I got my hand out of my pocket in the habit of talking with hand moving round, as soon as one of the girls caught my right arm as if a swift cat grasped Fishbone. In a fraction of a second some pair of hands reached my hand. The hands of the girls dragged it towards the bowl. A hand poured down water from a water jug. The vibration of my heart increased and my head lowered itself downward automatically.                  






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