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Written By: Modi
01/12/2014 10:43 01/12/2014 8:33

It is true that the size of our population is enormous but at the same time it brings a good news that among them there are plenty of talent and potential people who certainly have the power to move forward and bring diplomatic change in their life by choosing the right career and mastering techniques. Most of the time the limitation is the lack of information.

Let me share a real life story in this regard, a very talented individual named Palash who used to live in a remote area of Barishal where finding an IELTS instructor is very rare and connection with British Council is like as difficult as connecting with our first citizen for us. He wanted to get an scholarship for his higher education in Australia and for that purpose to complete his IELTS and other formalities he had to come to Dhaka almost in every weeks which was also very hectic both for his physical and financial condition.

ROBI Shikkharthi service is brought up by considering those talented students who have the potential to make a change in their lives as well as bring prosperity for our nation by providing all the information they need.

In this service all the SSC,HSC,JSC,PSC related information are provided also IELTS and British Council materials and schedules are covered according to the subscription. One can now easily be updated about his or her desired sector through messages of this service thus all the little information are covered and at the same time tips and resources are provided for their success.

From now on students like Palash will no longer have to worry about missing any information about their exams and schedules where before this ROBI shikkhathi service if a single information was missed they had to wait for another couple of months for the opportunity. It is at the same time, time consuming and money saving.

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