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Bangladesh got its Secular root back:Awami League must remain in Power- Says Indian Intellectuals

Written By: Nazmul
13/03/2013 22:00
Bangladesh in Intl. Media


It's an interesting analysis from Indian IBN Live TV. The panel consists of ex-diplomat, Senior Journalist and an Ex-Envoy. According to some of the analyst 1947 division was based on Religion but 1971 was based on Secular and Bengali Linguistic Ideology. After 75 political changes rulers of Bangladesh tried to revive 1947 spirit. They are in view that current government reviving the spirit of 1971 which is obviously secular and Shahbag movement is actually the symbol of that spirit.

They are in view that Indian President's recent visit was a support to Shaykh Hasina lead government and they believe India has to stand by Awami League by any means for the sake of Indian interest. One analyst even sees Awami League will get absolute majority if there is any election take place right now. 

Please watch the video for more interesting points. 

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