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Muktagachha electric fan sales and repair business celebration

Written By: manoneshdas
24/03/2015 18:23 24/03/2015 13:02

Muktagachha Upazila of Mymensingh sales and repair business is now booming electric fan. Earlier this week, the fan involved in the sale and repair rise prepair builders stores. The buyer needs to consider vendors Dhaka reserves have started already bought the electric fan. Times over the past year to enable the broken electric fan approached the concerned prepair builders . Needs like craftsmen repair tools are stocked. Tuesday the east of the city can be seen in shops selling electric fans, hanging cage with, stand (stand), tables, ceilings and battery powered ( Recharge) table electric fan being sold. Depending on the type of each of the electric fan is being sold taka 6 hundred  from taka One thousand. In the midst of a certain number of more or less than the consumer price  fan. Vendors, Bangladesh, Japan, India and China are being made to sell the electric fan. Because of hand made in China from being sold for more than the price of the fan. Repair builders said fan coils, bearings and regulator failure was the electric fan is more than the number of those coming in for repair. Types, wages and purchases of goods being netted taka two hundred  to taka 6 hundred. Repair shop for electric coil binding, as well as the builders of the electric fan, biyarin minor Accessories are stocked for sale in their stores. Electric fan buyers and owners of the wing hinges, heating has started. Hot day is more likely to continue. This might take the opportunity to raise prices  seller wings main instrument of salvation from the heat set before purchasing. Crippled wings owners, heating will increase as the electric fan will be crippled. Builders will be busy. So blink fan foresee taking cure.
Picture , Muktagachha (Mymensingh) stores are stocked with electric fan

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Muktagachha electric fan sales repair business celebration 


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