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Muktagacha Rajbari to see growing tourist overload

Written By: manoneshdas
28/03/2015 7:08

Home to see Muktagacha growing tourist overload. Asia Indian subcontinent known Mymensingh Muktagachha Zamindar Bari (Raj bari), a growing number of tourists due to renovation. Large size pond Vishnu sagor, pair of old structures, temples, mosques, Chand Khan, Bibir ghar, rolling drama stage, seven Wharf ponds, jaltong, Rasulpur forest and numerous tourist spots like the taste of traditional monda carry tourists.


However, since the middle of 1700, is home Muktagachha overload. In the 1800 earthquake, the building fell then Artisans from India to London, and to secure the earthquake is important: to build the house halea overload. In 1947, the founder of the Sri Krishna Acharya Chowdhury Muktagachha landed almost everyone went to the descendants of his 16 in India. 16 built their houses were abandoned. Gradually the house (except the Royal Palace) was set up Shaheed sreti Government College, Armed Police Battalion camp, sub-registry office, Local Muktijuddha Parliament, nabaruna bidyaniketan school, and more public-private institutions. Many of them belonging to the landlord of the house are still many people are living illegally in the life chances.


The government, through the Department of Archaeology under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism seem profitable than Taka1 crore last year revived the reform programs hands. Come back home because of the appearance. Since the end of June last year to see the house, said that the need for some time to regain his previous appearance, the efficient workers. The importance of the work of the Department of Archaeology at the time the work is to continue to increase. However, there was a one-time low land Muktagachha city. Overload, Vishnu Acharya Chowdhury settled before the large pond (dighi) cut the city was high. 250 years is a long forgotten Muktagachha.
Muktagachha stay landlords made many installations. Rare species of trees were planted. Landlords do not have the facility of leaving valuables in their memories.


Today the tourism. Mymensingh - Tangail highway Muktagachha Rasulpur huge sal forest trees and the red lion on the ground to see the  garden is full of life. Between the trees of the land of sun, beautiful views of the tourists are attracted to focus their attention. Overload, forcing them to survive in the forest fostering injustice sanyasi rebel forces of the poor. Beber ghar name khajuliya area houses and landed a lot to realizing their claim that the rebels abducted. Beber ghar historic tourist attractions today.

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After visiting the tourist's glorious return monda taste . 200 years ago Gopal Pal made the monda. Monda teach him techniques to create a pure dream. Monda made with milk is sweet as current money each 20 taka. Bangladesh, and is not available anywhere else in the world except Muktagachha. Monda Gopal Pal descendant of the current year, the number of tourists increased sales so monda. As a result, a growing number of home renovation overload of tourists, locals say.


Writing and picture:  manonesa Das, journalist

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Muktagachha Rajbari to see growing tourist overload Manonesh das 


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