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We are fools to become publicly known every day !

Written By: manoneshdas
01/04/2015 8:44

Today is April 1 of the English. April Fools Day. Every year on this day All Fools Day is celebrated worldwide. Many countries world's people enjoy the fun of fools if anyone these days.

But the funny thing is, we do not celebrate this day the people of Bangladesh. For example, cutting purchases. We need every day life can buy something. For example, rice  peas, fish-meat, leafy vegetables, electric- electronics and much more. Which can not be done with the description.

These products are sold in the shops of  one price very low. Most of the products we purchase from the store to the prices. The seller asked her mythic prices do not hesitate to get rid of sometimes hostile environment issue thinking - thinking that the purchase price of the purchase price seems right. Following the purchase of goods to bring home to the family members of the flowers (a fool) I went to the forest. Called deceived bought. I was fooled. Are there any family in our country? This fact or flowers or fool who did not or will not be met.


Think of the way our issue has been closed. I do not know who or what is responsible for this. Product vendors have tried to ask, what is the reason for asking the seller or additional costs? The seller said, that our situation (bargain) deal to purchase. There is a saying about this in our country. The most that can not be bought and sold exact prices profit or gain too much is not available.


According to Wikipedia, France, hatch out in early April. These children are caught fish easily bluffed. They played on April 1, April fish. On Monday, the kids and other children without the knowledge of them hanging on the paper fish. Others that made him look like a fool. Secretly or without the knowledge of sounds made woven.


We are fools to become publicly known every day. We are not too aged children. How long will we have to be a victim of this stupid or flowers is difficult to say!

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We are fools to become publicly known every day 


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