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Mymensingh Google Map Workshop

Written By: manoneshdas
06/04/2015 14:05

Mymensingh Google Map Workshop

Mapping Bangladesh community organizing Mymensingh Mymensingh district chief Pavel Sarwar mapping workshop to be held for the first time. "Mapping Mymensingh as" The workshop will be held next April 17 in Mymensingh.
Workshop joining Google Map Maker's Regional Expert and Chief Executive Manager Hasan Shahed Bangladesh community mapping and mapping the GI S Expert hedayetura oz.
Pavel Sarwar said the matter, the new mapper long time coming. As a result, several new areas of the map update information is being added. So they decided to raise a new mapper. This event has the support of the Film and Photographic Society of Mymensingh, abhanti restaurants, Codex Software Solutions Ltd. and News Hour.
All the latest information on the workshop can be found at this link Also attending the ceremony can register by visiting this link. The workshop registration date, time and place of the public will receive a confirmation email. - See more at:

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Mymensingh Google Map Workshop 


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