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Pacer Rubel and modeling!

Written By: Pothik
07/04/2015 19:17 07/04/2015 18:01

I am not a big fan of cricket though but I have heard that our superstar Rubel is into modeling now a days. You might be thinking what this man is up to! I have heard from a friend of mine that Rubel will be modeling for advertisements now like other cricketers of Bangladesh but I am wondering that is this news true or it is just another buzz for hype! 


After performing so well on the field of ICC world cup, our hero Rubel Hossain has signed up a modeling contract with Robi and the contract lasts a year. He is famous for his pace in bowling and I am looking forward to his new challenging steps towards modeling too. I am sure he will excite his fans and audience the same way he did in the ICC world cup if he participates in the modeling. There is no doubt that he is an outstanding player and he proved himself all the way throughout his career. But my question is will he be able to perform as well as cricket in modeling too?

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