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Our New Model- Pacer Rubel!

Written By: Pothik
08/04/2015 13:55 08/04/2015 13:55
Earlier this noon I heard that a new face is emerging in the ad of Robi. Almost everyone is talking about this issue. I wonder whether the news I have heard is true or just a new gossip story. I heard that our Hero Rubel Hossain is into modeling now. I can only imagine Rubel on the field of cricket but he is on his way to step into another field. Isn’t it amazing that people will be seeing him in a new avatar? 
He already won lots of hearts by his amazing performances in the ICC World Cup 2015 and I am really excited to see him modeling for Robi now if the rumor is true. I have seen many of our Star cricketers in many advertisements of Bangladesh.  Just like them I am certain that he will do great in this field too.  Can we all hope that just like the pace of his bowling will he be great at modeling too?  Will he bring any changes to the mindset of people and set a new example for us that anyone can do anything if there is will and hard work?


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