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Monda Muktagacha

Written By: manoneshdas
11/04/2015 10:20



Bangladesh's famous Gopal monda Muktagacha made. Monda Muktagacha area made many artisans. Many shops sell the monda. All components are made monda. But I have not found a descendant of Gopal Pal made monda taste. Formula was created by the dream of a saint whose sole vendor Gopal Pal descendant monda. Monda the old original.

Some regions of the subcontinent that has a sweet milk, which is why those countries and regions famous. Indian Delhi laddu, Almora balamithai ,Lal mohon,West rajvog, Royal, amrtakumbha, rasamalanca, Sana toast, Pakistan Sona Mia Sweet, golapajamun, Nepal and Sri Lanka, Golap jam and Lal Mohan significant. Bangladesh has also merged with Muktagacha Gopal Pal monda, Comilla rashmalai, Porabari chamcham, Bogra Doi , Nator kachagolla, Netrokona Kachagolla. Monda including locally made Muktagacha had not heard the name of the food is hard to find people who are crazy.
Monda legend. Two hundred years ago, the founder of the cattle herd monda Muktagacha glorious dream one night. Ordered him to stand by the head of saint monda Make Sweet. The next order of Gopal furnace began to dig. Suddenly the Saints debut. He pulled his hand furnace. Monda teach techniques to create. Gopal learned. Made with milk and sugar, the monda. Gopal the emerging set monda Surja Kanta Acharya Chowdhury court then Maharaja Muktagacha overload.

Monda taste was Maharaja absolute contentment, and Gopal was done. Monda journey began. Gopal is known, Bengali, then in 1206 was born in Bengal, India. Gopal homeland moved to the Rajshahi. In 1230, he became muktagacha stopped after Bengali. Manda is the first in Bengali 1231. Gopal died in Bengali 1314.
Monda main components of milk and sugar. One kg 20 piece monda sell 400 taka. After making monda is stored in the refrigerator. 3/4 normal temperatures during the hot days and the winter is a good day, 10/12.

Pakistan Field Marshal Ayub Khan, the former chief minister of West Bengal in India of Dr. Krishna Roy, renowned maestro saroda Ustad Alauddin Khan monda have highly appreciated taste.


Picture : Traditional Muktagacha manda (1) monda founder Gopal Pal's wooden portrait(2)

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