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Hysteria Muktagacha infected with the disease 12 student Hospital

Written By: manoneshdas
13/04/2015 15:25

Hysteria Muktagacha infected with the disease 12 student Hospital
Mymensingh Muktagacha hysteria infected with the disease 12 Langrabazar Alim Madrasa students admitted to the hospital. Monday morning, they will stay in madrassas became infected. Infected 6th and 10th class students. Upazila Health Complex nurses working Muktagachha Nurunnahar and Selina Begum says, hospitalized patients Sumaiya (18), Jasmine (14), Sakhina (13), Ruma (15), Yasmin (13), Rebecca (15) Wednesday (13) , Taslima (13) horse (13) horse (14), rokhasana (14) and Mitu (15) being treated. The victims are getting sick every two hours. Affected said, their headaches, chest hurts and I'm scared that the report was written affected are admitted to the hospital. Madrasa principal Maulana Nurul Amin says, Thursday 6  students fell ill, became the primary treatment to heal. Muktagachha Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Harun or  Rashid said, hysteria, it is a mental disease.

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Hysteria Muktagacha infected with the disease 12 student Hospital 


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