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Pakistan forces attacked this day muktagacha

Written By: manoneshdas
23/04/2015 18:39

Pakistan forces attacked this day muktagacha
Today is April 23. Some 45 years ago, on this day in 1971, the Pakistani army Muktagacha Hanger unarmed people, killing thousands of people in a sudden armed attacks on unarmed Bengalis impose an unequal battle.
Pakistani people to overcome all obstacles to freedom of Muktagacha town of Jamalpur Mymensingh muktagacha way to enter.
On that day, at 1 pm Friday, a large convoy of jeeps and trucks army occupied Muktagachha.
Muktagacha army convoy on the population on both sides of the street to enter the incessant fire, looting and arson are the requirements for sacrificing innocent lives. Pakistan also has composed many of the fresh soul. They took away the dignity of many mothers and sisters. The countdown is on for nine months Muktagachha chest barbaric destruction army. Baddhabhumi caused numerous.
Liberation war that has collected in an effort to enable a person in accordance with the list of 1971, the freedom fighters of the Liberation Muktagachha: Asghar Ali, Azizur, bachira Uddin, Khaliq, Sattar, Nurul Wahid, Kalam Azad, Year Mahmud, Dwijendra, Bhabatosh, nariujjamana, Umed, Kartik, father Ali, Maqbool, Monir, understanding Mofazzel, Shamsul, Meher, Saha, Lord, smile, Hatem Ali. Muktiyaddhe also been killed - maniruddina, Paresh Das (The Daily correspondent manonesh das uncle), Surendra, Amiya, Brojendra, basuya, Repent, Subodh, Ravindra, TreeNodeExpanded, immortal, overload Bakul Acharya Chowdhury, trailokya, mijariya, mongoose, water lily, Kanu , water lily Forest Bihari, Skylark, Dinesh, dew, Jatindra, damu, Amena Begum, Hafiza, najibaddina, Hagar, banecha, turquoise, phanindra, Sudhir, Surendra, jinamunsi, indubala, Kumar Thakur, Jatindra, Narayan, Jatindra, aimbaya, rejiya, Asad, kindo, Maleka, khaletana, Rahim, hameda, chumeda, dinura, Sabur, jamaphata, suruja, julekha, delajana, Shoes, Eve, Sakina, Prophet, autopsy, Claire, mercy, manikajana, Hazrat, Hasna, gajendra , Siddique, Abhimanyu, immortal, phanindra, ainauddina, kajimuddina, Santosh, Jagadish, Jatindra, Faiz, entertainment, Bharati, Torab, Narayan, Santosh, Aziz, Deendayal, dinendra, Birendra, Surendra, Birendra Das, Dr Anil Chandra banikasaha more others.
Since independence the official non-governmental organization initiatives in many areas of the martyrs memorial sculpture and Martyrs Remembrance Memorial plaques have been constructed. The rest will be saved baddhabhumio responsible sources.
Muktagachha (Mymensingh): In 1971, after the assassination of Pakistani Muktagachha paratangi near ayaman rever mayalakhanaya bodies kept away. The monument was built to commemorate the martyrs.

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Pakistan forces attacked this day muktagacha 1971 


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