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Muktagacha college success

Written By: manoneshdas
31/05/2015 9:19

Muktagacha college success. Following the lead of National Education college in Mymensingh Muktagacha. As a result, the place of the 2014-2015 academic education of the SSC. SSC exam as a model of success in college Muktagacha 1st position. As a result, the 8 percent of students passed the exam Alongside students from 9 to mark the Golden jipiesaha Twenty-two GPA-five teachers and students were able to show naipurnya. However, college students esiesasi Muktagacha ebarai first took part in the test. Principal Swapan Kumar Das, a part of this success is not just me. all Muktagacha public.

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Muktagacha college success 


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