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Consequences of the blasphemy in Bangladesh: It could be worse than the Danish Cartoons!

Written By: PathikRasel
16/03/2013 17:32


Many of you are aware about the intensified levels of blasphemy that were being practised throughout the previous couples of years through different blogs in Bangladesh! I do not think I have to provide you further information on this, as it had already been 'talk of the nation' for the last few weeks! Over the protests for this blasphemy issue, as many as a dozen people were killed within the few days during the protest - from Friday to Sunday! Many of them were Imaams of masjid who went down to the streets in protest of the blasphemous bloggers. However, the Bangladesh Awami league (BAL) government had always been giving shelter to these bloggers from the beginning! Asif Mohiuddin, one of the most active and vocal bloggers, and a leading blasphemer, was set free due to government's supports and direct interference, despite a court ruling on closure of such blogs. With a tremendous expression of insult to the religion and the court, he wrote:

A rational human being, with simple common senses, will never accept such an effrontery statement! We, the people of Bangladesh find it very difficult for a person with a Muslim name, being brought up in a Muslim family spurning the religion "with full knowledge and consciousness!" Not to mention the contempt of court committed by him!
It is very weird indeed to find that the government of Bangladesh earlier arrested opposition Islamic leaders for "hurting religious sentiment" while assisted these self-declared arrogant Islam bashers, who did not scorn Islam, but also the court of the country! That's obviously a self declared 'contempt of court'! I believe the 'sentiment' of the government is so strong that no one can 'hurt' it so easily! 
When I personally thought to compare the blasphemous statements made by these group of bloggers, I was astonished and amazed at the intensity of it that it is more audacious and arrogant than the Danish Cartoonist's expressions! The Danish cartoonist had only drawn a cartoon with the Prophet's (pbuh) image, and expressed him in a terrifying manner! Whereas these bloggers have been writing against the Prophet (pbuh), Islam, and Allah continuously for the last few years, disposing the prophet (pbuh), Islam and Allah in the most vulgar expressions, the most characterless depictions with the utmost hatred and abusive languages, which even people do not dare to use it for other people, fellow beings!! By God, these thugs - yes, I call them thugs, and unfortunately I do not have a more appropriate word to describe them - are definitely worse than the Danish Cartoonist!
Now, if the Muslim world comes to resist Bangladesh for its blasphemy, as many of them did to Denmark after the cartoon issue, what could be the fate of Bangladesh? Bangladesh, itself is a poor country despite all the natural gifts and beauties she bears, and is mainly dependant on foreign investments, mutual trades and remittances sent by the NRBs (non-resident Bangladeshis)! Many Muslim countries - especially the middle east is a huge workplace for millions of Bangladeshis - might even consider sending back the NRBs back home, and that would certainly cause a huge impact on the Bangladeshi economy! Besides there are great chances of boycotting Bangladesh from their aids and assistances!  
I think it is a high time that the government should take positive steps in solving this crisis instead of instigating  it further towards a greater and long term crisis! Let not a civil war rise up and destroy our beloved motherland!
Note: This was originally written on the 25th February, 2013 in

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