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(Over)Conscious India's 'interest' in Bangladesh

Written By: MohammadHossain
17/03/2013 18:53 17/03/2013 16:50
Thoughts and Ideology

I am just writing a simple post on a topic which I feel strongly about. A recent event in the news is the march planned by the extremist Hindu political party of India, the BJP, towards Dhaka.  The Hindu reported that the BJP will organise a ‘long march to Dhaka’ on Monday next (18th March) to protest alleged atrocities on religious minorities in Bangladesh.

BJP’s Tripura state president Sunil Dasgupta informed on Saturday that hundreds of party workers and supporters would try to breach border at Akhaura in Agartala on March 18. He said central leaders of the party have approved the agitation programme.

“We know we would be prevented at the border, but we cannot remain silent given unending atrocities on minorities specially Hindus in Bangladesh”, Mr. Dasgupta stated.

All readers need to know this. The BJP is no friend of democracy or rights of minorities. In 2002, communal riots in Gujarat were preplanned on the behest of the BJP government ruling the state. More than 2000 Muslims perished in these riots. Justice still eludes those seeking fair trials.

Another event which I saw in the Diganta evening news was that Indian authorities prevented entry of around 250 people to Bangladesh from the Indian side. They had come  to 'express' support at the gonojagoron moncho at Shahbagh and demanded entry into Bangladesh. It is mentionable that natunbarta has followed the story and mentioned that six organizations were involved in the procession. To trained eyes, it is clear that this was a thinly veiled attempt by India to send across a clear message: The message that they wanted to see Shahbag a success; the message that they want Shahbag patron Sheikh Hasina to be in power for another term (or perhaps forever).

Such events are indicative of an increasing 'interest' by the big neighbour that just cannot stop from poking its nose into the internal affairs of its smaller neighbour. This is a clear encroachment of our fundamental status as a sovereign nation. There has been no reaction from our so called 'Shushil Shomaj' or the government on the above issues. Perhaps this is because interference from the Indian side is an ever present phenomenon and actually carries big weight behind the decisions of the government?

I urge the government to Bangladesh to send a clear message to our big 'over friendly' neighbour to keep their business to themselves and not play any further role in destabilizing Bangladesh. It is time to say enough.


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