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Transferum - Online FTP Space for professional use

Written By: tofayal
21/11/2015 12:45

Transferum - Online FTP Space for professional use

From children to business people everyone uses internet for their own purposes and why not after all, the internet is easy to use & is in reach within common people. We know that the Internet can now be accessed almost anywhere by various means and is the fastest way to spread information to a vast number of people simultaneously. People not only communicate but also exchange files over the Internet and hence saves a lot of time and money.

Here file transfer protocol plays an important role in exchanging and manipulating files over a TCP/IP based network.

Large files can be accessed with FTP storage and FTP space. FTP service is a peer to peer networking service that can serve many users at the same time. Not only files but also videos, movies, clips and other stuff of entertainment including games can be shared among friends, clients and colleagues from anywhere in the world using FTP storage and FTP space. Another use of storing files is to create a backup of all the data.

Now question of security may arise in users mind. Well FTP storage and FTP space provides a secure online data backup to all its users. Moreover the data stored can be made password protected & thus rescuing the user in case someone looses data because of drive failure or theft or any other unpredicted reason.

Another benefit of online FTP storage companies, such as is that the file sharing platform is transparent and accessible to only those whom the user gives permission.

One can easily create an account and get lots of free FTP storage which can be accessed via FTP client or the web-based file management interface from any OS platform. There would be unlimited parallel connections for uploading and downloading files. Moreover 2 users can have access to one Account that is created and the best part, the account never expires.

Once the account is created it will be activated within an hour. There is no restriction to the FTP. A user can use the FTP space and FTP storage up to 10 TB and even more according to his requirements. One can also create password protected folders for security. If a user owns FTP space or FTP storage then he has the facility to create unlimited subaccounts for his workgroup and transfer unlimited data monthly at flat rates. There can be set restrictions for sub accounts as some users have only access to some certain files and folders. The speed of transferring data is optimum.

Also in FTP space and FTP storage plans a user can upload and download email notifications. Other interesting features for using FTP storage and FTP space is that user get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited concurrent logins so that a user can login from as many computers as he wants.

Many users are already taking the benefits of using FTP space by sharing pictures, photos, video and documents with their family, friends, business partners or others faster and easily than before. One can subscribe for the FTP storage account anytime and start sharing.

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Transferum - Online FTP Space for professional use 


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