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The War on Islam and Islamophobia of the Muslims

Written By: Tojveroul
07/01/2018 12:11 30/12/2015 8:57
Religion & Culture

The calamity fo unending war


Imperialism never dies; only changes its targets, strategies and war fronts. The human history gives full testimony to it. Imperialism -for its survival needs invasion and occupation of the foreign lands; hence needs war. It is the most manifest symptom of the disease that the imperialists find their national interest inside every other country of the world. Hence, as a part of the disease, the USA -from the distant corner of the globe gets very obsessive to cross the whole Atlantic or Pacific Ocean to bomb Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or any other countries. The imperialists’ war caused the greatest and worst catastrophe for the whole mankind; such war inflicted more deaths and damages than that are caused by all the earth quakes, cyclones, floods and the wild animals. They killed more than 75 million people only in two World Wars. The World Wars stopped; but the list of wars is unending. The killing and the destruction still continue with more lethal weapons of mass destruction. France killed 1.5 million only in one war in Algeria and the USA killed about 2 million in Vietnam and about 1 million in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also run many proxy wars with their own money and weapons in various parts of the world. The imperialists also caused huge deaths even to their own people. Imperialists thus stand as the wickedest forces in the whole human history. In recent years, the deaths caused by all the anti-imperialist militants all over the world are indeed peanuts in comparison to that caused by the US-led imperialists.


The imperialists’ current war has a clear difference from the old wars in human history. In two World Wars and other wars in the past, the imperialists killed each other. But now, the all killing machines of the imperialists are aimed only against the Muslims. The Europeans were never such united in any previous wars. Russia and the USA-led coalition never bombed jointly any Muslim land before -as they are doing now in Syria. To undo any Islamic resurgence in any part of the world, all the imperialists are now united. Hence, after the humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, the Russian bomber jets, tanks, artilleries and missiles are now back in the Syrian soil with more aggressive ferocity. Likewise, the US imperialism didn’t die in Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq either; they are very alive again with the intensive bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq. The old colonialists like the UK and France too, are flexing their muscles by dropping bombs in Syria and Iraq. Now the imperialists of all kinds and of all brands have found a common enemy and a common agenda. Their common agenda is to destroy Islam as an ideological, political and military force. Hence it has turned truly a civilizational war –as envisaged by the US Professor Huntington in his book “The Clash of Civilisation”.


The bombing campaign & the celebration


The US-led coalition has already done enough genocidal crime in recent years; but that hasn’t quenched its thirst for more crimes. Over the last 15 years, the US has dropped thousands of tons of bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq and flattened numerous houses, shops and institutions. Even after 15 years, the war didn’t end in Afghanistan. Recently, the US bombers dropped bombs on a hospital in Kunduz and killed 22 people -including the doctors, paramedics and patients. Prior to the US occupation, Russia invaded and occupied Afghanistan too; and had a long time to conduct its project of killings and destruction. They killed hundreds of thousands people there; and drove more than 3 million Afghans out of the country.


Now, the old killers of the USA, Russia, the UK, France and many other countries have launched a joint killing and destructive mission in Syria. As if every Muslim man, every woman, every child, every house, and every physical structure in Syria is a high-value military target. Hence cities, villages, hospitals, schools, even wedding or funeral gathering are not spared. The Russians are firing Cruise missiles from the naval ships stationed in the Caspian Sea. These missiles and bomber jets do not need to be accurate; hitting anyone in any village or any city is considered a great success. And they claim that their bombers and the long range missiles are hitting the designated targets in Syria. When the objective is clearly destructive and genocidal, they have enough reason to celebrate such successes. For the same reason, the US-led coalition could celebrate such successes in Afghanistan and Iraq from day one of their invasion. Now they want to protect the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Whoever fights against this killer autocrat of Syria is labelled an Islamist terrorist; hence a valid target for the bombing.



Coalition with the war criminal


President Bashar al-Assad is at war against his people. In ongoing 4 years’ war, he has already killed about 270,000 people; more than 4 million people have been driven out of the country. Another 4 million are internally displaced. The army is using barrel bombs, chemical bombs, tanks, missiles and artilleries against the unarmed men, women and children. These are heinous war crimes. But still, he is considered a high-value strategic partner in the war against the Islamists – not only by Russia but also by the US-led coalition. He remains un-touched. The genocidal killing and the destruction of cities by Assad’s Army are not considered as punishable crime either; neither considered a threat against peace in Syria. Rather the Islamists who are fighting against his killer regime are labelled as the terrorists, even amplified as the greatest civilizational threat.


A wolf doesn’t attack another wolf; the imperialists too don’t harm Bashar al-Assad. Rather, they want to protect him against the Islamists. The sole purpose of the recent Russian air campaign is to protect this brutal killer –whose regime is on the edge of collapse. The US-led coalition too only bombs the Islamists. The criminal records of the imperialists are not better than al-Assad either. The imperialists love killing people on an industrial scale; so they love weapons of mass destruction and take war to the civilian population. Hence, the USA could drop atom bombs, the German could deploy gas chambers and the British could engineer ethnic cleansing in their colonies in America, Australia and New Zealand. So, military invasion, colonial occupation, ethnic cleansing, genocidal massacre, colonialism, putting people on sale as slaves and World Wars are the parts and parcels of their cultural and political heritage. Can such perpetrators of crimes condemn Bashar al-Assad? With such a low moral threshold, how could they condemn the occupation of Syria by al-Assad like killer?  Rather it is natural that they would take such criminals as the team members. Due to the same moral disease, General Abdul Fattah Sisis of Egypt, King Abdullah of Jordan and the autocratic rulers of the Gulf States are already taken as the team members. And it is also natural that such moral ill-heath will make them incompatible with the Islamist. Hence when the target is Islam, how can the Islamist escape from being potential target of their bombing campaign? This is why the USA Air Force easily finds it morally permissible to flatten the Syrian city of Kobani rather than throwing even a stone to Bashar al-Assad. As of 4:59 p.m. September 8, 2015, the U.S. and the coalition have conducted a total of 6,700 airstrikes (4,198 in Iraq and 2,502 in Syria). (Source: US Department of Defence website).


The coalition in crime


The imperialists of both the East and the West have sharp differences on many issues. They quarrel on Ukraine’s internal war, Russia’s occupation of Crimea, China’s occupation of Tibet and South China Sea islands, and on so many other issues. But they have no difference of opinion on war against Islam and occupying the Muslim lands and killing the Muslims. Hence the imperialists of all colours and all denominations easily find a common agenda to support the occupation of Palestine and drive out its original people to establish illegal state of Israel. They are also united to support Israel’s bombing campaigns at any time on any Muslim lands; thereby expand its occupation. Because of such an anti-Muslim agenda, the US lead imperialists could quickly occupy Afghanistan and Iraq and kill millions of Muslims there. With the same anti-Islamic objective, President Putin of Russia could launch a genocidal war in Chechnya and could flatten the Muslim city of Grozny in year 2000. In the United Nations in 2003, Grozny was declared the most devastated city on earth. But Putin received full Western support for his criminal war against the Chechen Muslims. Shortly after the massacre in Grozny, both the USA and the UK warmly welcomed Putin in their capitals. Now the same Putin join the war against the Islamists side by side with the US-coalition. He is now carrying out another Grozny-like destruction in Syria.


The war on Islam


The imperialists have their own inherent incompatibility with Islam –hence a perfect recipe for a long war. They are compatible only with the fully de-Islamised ones; so they hunt for such people as the partners. Due to long colonial occupation, the Muslim World hasn’t any shortage of such Trojan horses. Hence Egypt’s elected Islamist President Muhammad Morsi –even after his promise that he will not implement sharia, couldn’t fit into their political agenda. The imperialists’ enmity is not against any particular tribe, language or skin colour -only against the Islamic element of a Muslim. If Islam is fully discarded from political belief and shows complete readiness to work against Islam’s revival, only then any Abdullah or any Abdur Rahman gets readily accepted by the imperialists as their trusted comrade. This is why the Egyptian General Abdul Fattah Sisi, the Jordanian King Abdullah, the Saudi King Salman and the alike in the Muslim World are very close to them. Hence their war stands perfectly against Islam –although they tell a lot of lies to hide the real agenda.


The concept of khelafasharia, hudud, shura and jihad are not acceptable to the imperialist expansionists; though, these are the most fundamental of Islam and got implemented by the prophet of Islam and the early Muslims. If it was not bad or barbaric during the prophet’s days, why should it be a problem today to return back to that? Being a Muslim means the full adherence to such basics. But, the imperialists call such Qur’anic prescriptions as the medieval barbarism. How a believer can be compatible with such corrosive beliefs? A man or woman can swallow such concept only with full de-Islamisation of the soul. And those who want to sustain with the Islamic basics are labelled as the threat to their own vision of the world. It is the declared policy of the imperialists that they will not tolerate any such attempt of the Islamists to implement sharia. Hence, wherever they discover such effort, they start indiscriminate bombing. Hence it doesn’t need to possess any weapon of mass destruction or set a state to invite their multi-national war of the imperialists; the implementation of sharia or belief in sharia is enough. They even label the unarmed men, women and children with an Islamic vision as their arch enemies. They call them extremists, fundamentalists and Islamic militants. They have already launched an unending war against them in almost every corners of the Muslims World. So, what else does it require to prove that the ongoing war of the imperialists is not against Islam?


The crime of the state-terrorists


The worst terrorising forces in history have always been the state-owned armies, the police and the ruling party’s political thugs. Sometimes the war turns very genocidal. None of the non-state agents or any militant outfit can match their killing power. The last two World Wars are indeed the works of these state-owned terrorists. These killers still run the worst bloodbaths in different corners of the world. Those who kill people, they can also lie. In fact, lying has turned a political necessity for them. They tell a lie with a political purpose: not only to hide their own crimes and but also to justify their further crimes. War is a bread and butter issue for the imperialists; like a wolf they too look for new prey and new hunting ground. Hence the USA’s war didn’t end in two World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, and in wars in Panama, Afghanistan and Iraq. The war continues. But these invaders, occupiers, killers and warmongers are very vocal to blame others as killers. If terrorism is defined as the use of violence to terrorise people for political, economic and imperial cause, then a war of occupation is the worst form of terrorism. And the state terrorists are the real threat to the global peace. Those who are blaming the Islamists as the terrorist, what is their role to stop these state actors of terrorism?


Hence the arrival of the USA, the UK, France, Russia and other imperialist countries in Syrian and Iraq is not going to deliver any peace or solution; rather they are the part of the complex problem. They can only promote state terrorism and sectarian bloodshed. The case of Afghanistan and Iraq is a good example for that. Most of the deaths and destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq are caused by these state-terrorists. The USA used more bombs in Afghanistan than that are used in Vietnam. They also did everything in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan to start sectarian feud and bloodshed there. In Iraq, they armed Shias to kill Sunnis. And in Afghanistan they gave arms to the non-Pashtun Tajiks and the Uzbeks of the Northern Alliance to kill the Pashtuns. They take partners only to kill, not to make any long term peace. Now they are doing the same crime in Syria. They are giving heavy arms and training to the Kurds to kill the Islamists. So, the bombing campaign of the imperialists in Syria only reveals their ugly motive.


Islamophobia of the Muslims


Enemy’s war not only causes physical deaths of people, but also dismantles people’s belief and confidence. Hence brings moral death; and turn people more fearful and cowardice. The morally defeated people then grow in number, but not in faith, power and confidence. Such cowardice was seen in the Muslim World during the Mongol invasion; and again during the colonialists’ occupation. In those days Muslims didn’t show enough courage to fight the enemy invasion. Rather they searched satisfaction only in religious rituals, sufism, mysticism and visiting graveyard. Now, the same mood prevails; hence the courses onDajjal, jinn, sufismsufi songs, mysticism are getting increasingly popular among the Muslims. In such milieu of cowardice and dissociation from Islam’s basics, the occupying forces get more collaborators for their expansionist cause. The Muslims then become the significant part of the enemy’s strength. This is why the occupying British imperialists could recruit thousands of foot soldiers from the Muslims to occupy more Muslims lands and could rule vast land of India for 190 years. When they occupied Iraq and Palestine in 1917, the majority of the British Army was not the British, rather the non-British collaborators. This was only possible due to deep de-Islamisation of the Muslims, otherwise how can a Muslim undertake such a haram act? The situation now runs worst. Due to the presence of large number of collaborators in the Muslim World’s ruling elite, the imperialists can now freely use the Muslims lands to bomb the Muslims. So, they use Arab and Turkish soil to drop bombs in Syria. For the same reason, they could freely use the Pakistani soil to kill the Muslims in Afghanistan.


With the recent intensity of imperialists’ occupation and bombing campaign in the Muslim lands, cowardice of the Muslims now gets new heights. As a result, the Muslims now suffer from more Islamophobia than the non-Muslims. They know very well that they enemies do not look at their skin colour or language, but at their faith and political behaviour. Keeping faith in Islam’s basic beliefs like sharia, hudud, khelafa, shura and jihad make them target for the enemy bombs, hence turn taboo word in the Muslim World. So, the Muslims are now distancing from the obligatory elements of the Islamic faith and making themselves more compatible to the enemy agenda. Even the leaders of Islamic organisations, the imams of mosques and the Muslims intellectuals are reluctant to use such Islamic vocabularies. They look more fearful of enemies of Islam and not of Allah. They pay little heed to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s order: “la takhshao’hum akhshao’ni” meaning “don’t fear them, fear Me”.


The disgrace

How can a Muslim remain Muslim without the practice of the Islam’s obligatory basics like sharia, hudud, khelafa, shura and jihad? Is it not sharia obligatory on every Muslim? Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la declares, “..and those who do not run judiciary according to the revealed law (sharia) they are kafir (denier of Islam), ….they are zaleem (oppressor) and ….they are fasiq (sinner)” –(Sura Maida, verse 44, 45 and 47). Is it not jihad obligatory on every Muslim too? In order to give the most comprehensive definition of a believer (mu’min) Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la reveals, “The believers (mu’min) are only those who believe in Allah and His Apostle and then doubt not and do jihad with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah; they are the truthful ones (in their claim of faith).” –(Sura Hujrat, verse 15). Hence for becoming a true believer(mu’min), there exists no option in Islam to stay out of jihad. Those who stay out of jihad and claim to be Muslim, according to the Qur’an, are not really truthful in their claim.


Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la gives a clear command: “Say (O Muhammad), I advise you only of one thing, that you rise up for Allah either in pair or alone..” –(Sura Saba, verse 46). Therefore, can a Muslim sit idle or remain complacent only with the religious rituals like five times prayers, fasting and hajj while the Muslim lands stay occupied by the enemies of Islam and sharia remains unimplemented in the judiciary? Should he still look for an excuse to justify his inactivity and silence? Does he think that his tongue, his intellect, his wealth, his body and other blessing are only for promoting his personal or party agenda? Every believer is designated as the khalifa (viceroy) of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la, and whoever discharge his or her duty as His devoted khalifa (viceroy) will be rewarded with the pleasures of paradise in the hereafter.


How can one dare expect that Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la will fill His paradise with the cowards making coalition with the kuffars or stay silent in the face of enemy occupation?  Did any companion of the prophet sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam display such inaction or betrayal against the Qur’anic dictate? But such betrayal has been the norm of the modern Muslims! Inaction and distancing from the basic obligations of Islam don’t bring any benefit or honour –neither in this world nor in the hereafter. This way one can only embrace the worldly disgrace and the infinite hellfire in the hereafter. Due to the same reason, the Muslims have already earned a lot of disgrace in the world. About 1.5 Billion Muslims have no say or role in the World stage. Most of the Muslim countries stay occupied by the internal or the external enemies of Islam. Can they expect a better fate in the hereafter?


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