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Wind of Change OR Change of Wind?

Written By: musa_bin_nusayer
20/03/2013 19:12 20/03/2013 18:53

Being a Bangladeshi in nationality, it is always a challenging position to think about the world. Some people who are politically unaware yet strong political inclination in heart, people who doesn't have critical mind yet they have strong opinion -- both have made them the way they are.

But after 42 years of independence, the whole scenario is changing. The oppressive government has killed many people nationwide, and those easy and simple people are waking up for critical thinking. They are ready to judge people from heart before casting their votes next time. People are now aware of what to do at present condition.

Seems like, Civil people are now chasing for  their rights after the ruling party people. Thi sis the last month of the ruling Awami League and it's their high time to make public opinion for them. Yet, currently the oppressive face of the governent is the face of Fascism.

Many people have died from the opposition parties, especially Jamaat-e-Islamic Bangladesh and Shibir men. In any region and in any land on earth, the bloodshed of the innocent people went unpaid. it dragged the ruling opporessive regimes down to the earth. People are saying, Awami League will face the same on this land.

It is the time to see, what is going to happen. Whether this is the change of wind or the wind of change. is it a plotted oppression by the Hasina govt or it is the dawn of regaining the rights of democracy to the people from the historical polarized governments of Banglaedesh, two unavoidable choices from BNP and Awami League.

P.S : This is my first post in this blog. Glad to write in here.

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